Garden office pods for the tiniest of spaces

Can I fit a garden office pod in my tiny garden?

If you’re one of the growing numbers of people who work from home these days, and you want to get serious about creating your own workspace, now could be the time to invest in a high-quality office pod. It’s an ideal way of separating your work and home environments - and a big step up from the kitchen table or a flat-pack desk in the spare room.

Not everyone has a large garden and the space for a big garden office. however, if you think your garden is too small for an office pod, think again. A small garden office pod is a comfortable and stylish way of creating your own office space, even in the smallest of gardens.

Small garden office pod
Custom Linea - 2m x 1.2m

Linea Garden Offices

Our Linea range of garden offices has no roof overhang creating a low profile that gives you an affordable chance to add an office pod with some contemporary beauty to your garden. Their fully finished durable Larch cladding exterior and cleverly designed internal guttering allow you to build close to a boundary, fence, or wall.

garden office pod interior
2.4m x 1.8m Prima Mini Office

What is the smallest pod available?

For the tightest of spaces, the Linea office pod which can be made in any size to the millimetre is compact enough for the smallest size garden. It’s modern, contemporary, and self-contained. It’s also highly insulated, double-glazed, and easy to heat. 

The unique design of the Linea range means it can be placed close to walls or fences and comes fully finished internally with painted walls and a choice of flooring options.

They can be constructed from the inside out so there is no need to have access around the building when installing.

The real beauty of the small office pod is not just its size - you can squeeze it into the tiniest of spaces. If you just need space for a chair and a desk to park your laptop a compact office pod is the solution.

Our design team can make any size of Linea pod you want to fit the space available.

garden office pod
Linea Garden Office

Make the most of wasted space. The Linea’s clever design lets you get close-up to the boundary.

Here we have squeezed a garden office pod between the house and fence in what was previously a wasted space and dumping ground for bins and rubbish.  Doors and windows are all on the front for access, light and ventilation.

What is the most popular garden office pod?

If you’re looking to fit a garden office into a tight space, take a look at our most popular design, the Mini Garden Office.  At 1.8m x 2.4m, with a 2.5m high roof, these quality garden office pods are within your permitted development rights, meaning no planning permission is usually required.

Mini garden office pod
Prima Mini Office 1.8m x 2.4m

Can I have a Bespoke design Garden Office Pod?

You can choose any configuration of doors and windows, placing them exactly where you want. The Mini Garden Office is a very economical option and is suitable for self-assembly. They start from sizes 1.2m x 1.8m and increase in increments of 60cm.

3m x 1.8m Timber Garden Office

Can I build my own DIY Garden Office Pod?

With the same footprint of a standard 8ft x 6ft shed these Mini Office Pods are available as self-assembly DIY kits or we can take care of the whole installation process.

These Pods can be ordered with factory painted walls allowing you to position them close to boundaries and we can even reduce the roof overhangs.

I don’t want to lose my green space

If your little patch of grass or flower bed is precious to you and you are concerned about losing it with an office pod, then why not have a beautiful flowering sedum roof on your office pod to attract wildlife and enjoy the additional insulation properties it brings.

Timber Garden Office with Sedum Roof

How to order an office pod?

Whether you want a self-assembly kit or full installation just contact our helpful design team who will be able to discuss your requirements, and provide a design and quotation so you can place your order.

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