Garden gazebo ideas, inspiration for outdoor living

Who doesn’t love the idea of outdoor living?  It's all about beautiful gardens, long vistas, the great British summer, strawberries & cream and enjoying your garden in comfort. That's where a garden gazebo comes in its never dull and humdrum: it’s for relaxing, entertaining and watching the garden wildlife go by! 

Most gardens attached to historic stately homes will include a lovely focal point set off with a gazebo. These pretty roofed, architecturally interesting shelters, often open-sided, have been around a surprisingly long time, although their history and how they got their unusual name is a mystery.

A long history

Architect William Halfpenny uses the name gazebo in 1750, describing “a Chinese Tower or Gazebo” to help promote all things Chinese-style to design-conscious homeowners of the age. George Washington owned one at Mount Vernon, while the gazebo where Lisl danced with her beau to "I Am Sixteen" in The Sound of Music is so iconic that it’s still on the Salzburg tourist trail.

Their curious name may derive from the north African Casbah, the Muslim area of Algiers, so perhaps an influence derived from here too. But then again, it may be based on the French que c’est beau, meaning ‘how beautiful’, or a mix of English ‘gaze’ with the Latin suffix ‘–ebo’ meaning ‘I shall’.

Every size, shape and use

With such a heritage it’s no wonder they’re still so popular, from the tiniest seating nook to the grandest outdoor dining area, we’ve had great fun helping clients choose and customise wooden garden gazebos of every size and shape, ready for anything from grand parties, poolside loungers, summer BBQs, hot tub enclosures, watching tennis games to an intimate chat over a cup of tea or a bottle of wine.

garden bbq gazebo
Hipped Roof Gazebo

Schools and cafes make great use of them for maximising usable outdoor space and creating shelter throughout the seasons. We even supplied a gazebo to a martial arts expert who uses his gazebo to practice daily T’ai Chi.

Whatever your use, like every wooden building we supply, our luxury garden gazebos are solid wooden structures, manufactured from slow-grown, kiln-dried, Northern European pine, ready for all that the British weather throws at them.  Add your own personality with colourful paint or stain finishes to match your garden setting perfectly.

Depending on the gazebo you choose, roof finishes range from high-quality bitumen felt shingles in a choice of colours to beautiful cedar shingles, practical slate effect tiles, traditional thatch or even striking copper on some models.  Why not build in useful seating and storage, just say the word and we will make your dream a reality!

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Top Gazebo ideas for every kind of garden

Probably everyone’s first idea of a gazebo is the classic hexagon or octagon with a traditional feel. The Chelsea Summerhouse Sunbury octagonal gazebo fits this bill perfectly, made from long-lasting western red cedar with a cedar shingle roof to match. Elegantly curved arches and decorative details add to the look. The subtle curve of its roofline hints at a Chinese pagoda – William Halfpenny would approve!  The Sunbury can be painted in any colour you want to make a statement or blend naturally into your garden setting.

Sunbury Gazebo

Prima Jake

Not every gazebo has to be traditional. We love the modern Flat Roof Gazebos, sleek and pared-down with a contemporary feel. Choose from a factory paint finish, or choose your own to create something individual and striking. This gazebo style with practicality with its spacious integrated garden store – or you could even add glazing to this section to create a cosy summerhouse. The choice is yours! Best of all, our flat roof gazebos are all under 2.5m high to comply with current planning regulations.

Prima Christina Gazebo
Octagonal Gazebo - Cedar Shingles

Versatility is the watchword with the roomy range of Octagonal podium-style Gazebos. A classic octagon 3m - 5m across, it creates plenty of space for eight to sit outdoors comfortably, and for each of its eight sides you can choose to leave it open or add a door or a window opening, for a gazebo which perfectly meets your needs. Choose a sturdy felt shingle in a choice of colour, cedar shingles or a slate effect rubber roof tile, this is a gazebo which gives full rein to your creativity.

Hipped Roof Gazebo

The four-sided very popular Hipped roof gazebo range is even more flexible, in a range of sizes from a petite 1.8m square to a stunning 4.2 x 6m. This multi-tasking gazebo range takes you from a hot-tub shelter to a restaurant terrace via every possible use in between. Choose from felt tiles, cedar shingles or slate effect roofing. Choose to add solid sides, balustrades or open sides to create the style you require.  Paint the sustainable timber any colour you like to create the perfect look.

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Whichever gazebo works for you, you’ll be adding your story to a long history of relaxing, gazing and having fun outdoors. Take a look at our full range of garden gazebos for prices and styles.

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