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Where there's a building, there's a base. The base is the foundation to support a structure, and a garden building is no exception to the rule.

Traditionally a garden building base has been a small concrete slab or prepared patio area, but in recent years we've developed a more eco-friendly deck base system for those who want to reduce the concrete in the garden. It’s also a great option for sloped gardens or plots with difficult access.

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Our base work services

On buildings we install we offer a few base work solutions. Choose our eco-friendly deck base or the long-lasting seamless concrete base.

deck base building foundation in garden

Deck Base

Our deck base system offers a quick, simple and environmentally friendly garden building foundation. Suitable for most ground conditions the base is installed with either ground screws or recycled plastic posts.


Our expertly laid concrete bases provide an ideal foundation best suited to a level garden. The concrete base won't add additional height to the structure and is prepared to the exact footprint of the building for the best finish.

Which base is best for me?

With several base options on the market, it's important to establish which base is best for your garden.

Although a base is a necessary foundation for your garden building, other considerations, such as the base height and space underneath the base, can play a part in making the decision.

If you require a low-profile, barely visible base, or the building to be as low as possible for planning reasons - a concrete base would be your best bet.

If you need a base that can be removed in the future or span across obstacles in the garden such as an old pathway, a versatile deck base may be better.

The garden and access

One of the biggest factors in deciding which base to use is the garden situation and access. When assessing the garden, ask yourself:

  • Does the ground consist of rubble and hardcore?
  • Is the garden on a slope greater than 10 degrees?
  • Is the plot more significant than 50 meters from the roadside?
  • Do you have steps, narrow access or other obstacles from the roadside to the plot?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then it may be better to consider a base more adaptable than concrete, such as a deck base or patio slabs.

What else is important to you

  • Keeping a low carbon footprint
  • Protecting roots from surrounding planting
  • Not disturbing local wildlife
  • Creating an additional decking area

These and many more factors are all worth considering when choosing the right base. If you have any concerns we haven't listed, or you want to seek professional advice on the right base, get in touch with our team of friendly experts.


How big does the base need to be?

It's best practice to build the base to the same footprint as the building. Any smaller and the building may not be properly supported, any larger and you run the chance of surface water rotting the building ring beams.

Will the base take the building height above 2.5m?

We do our best to keep the base low to the ground, but in some instances, the building height will be increased due to the base.

How much does a base cost?

There are a few factors that go into costing a base; access to the garden, ground conditions, size and complexity. To get a quote, contact our team of experts.

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4.8/5 Based on 109 reviews

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