Top Tips: Garden Office Interior Solutions

Our garden rooms are used for every work activity you can think of. Customers investing in a workspace want garden offices, workshops, art & craft cabins, treatment rooms, chill out rooms - you name it – and often they meet a combination of needs.

Fitting out a garden building to meet all these requirements takes a little thought. Sometimes our customers have a clear idea of the storage, seating and working areas they need for their workspace, but most seek advice based on our long experience. 

Garden office interior
Linea 4m x 3m Garden Office

The first things to consider are the bits that are more difficult to change once they’re built. Doors, windows and skylights should be positioned according to where you want access and light in your working area and our designers will help with these aspects in the drawing/design stages.

Don’t forget to frame an inspiring view of your garden from your desk. Our customers tell us that one of the nicest things about working in a garden office or workshop is being closer to nature, so be sure to let it flood in.


Equally, power sockets, lighting and heating need to be in the right places to keep you working comfortably and efficiently. Timber garden rooms feel warm and breathable all year round, but it’s worth thinking about ventilation without draughts to keep your workspace fresh and energising as well. We can advise on all of these before you decide.


Then there’s the furniture. Whatever the size of your garden office or workroom, you’ll want to make the most of your space, keep things tidy and not feel cramped.  You can get reasonably priced freestanding desks and shelves from a store or online. However, it may be worth considering investing in fitted options, from a specialist company like Bear Interiors in Bath.  Bear Interiors have supplied storage solutions for a number of our customers & have also worked with us at our sales & design offices in Trowbridge.  

Integrated desks and storage, clever use of vertical space right up the ceiling, and the robustness that comes with built-in furniture made to commercial standards creates a working area that will maximize every square inch, and last for years.

Desks and work consoles which fold away when you’re not using them (see below) mean that the permanent footprint of these areas is reduced, ideal when you need more space for a meeting or a cup of tea. Integrated cabling means that your computing and media are seamless.Garden Studio interior

A window seat or daybed is a popular addition if you've created the space, and this too can incorporate storage with a bit of clever planning. Many garden rooms have sloping roof lines, and furnishings can fit flush, using all the space with a sleek, coherent finish.

Building shelving or file storage into narrow spaces and under desk areas minimizes redundant space, creating a feeling of calm order in the areas on show. Built-to-measure desks can accommodate more than one workstation in a limited space, like the example office interior

However you work, a well-built garden room complete with thoughtful design and fitting will help make your daily routine more efficient and enjoyable.

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