An insulated summerhouse you can use all year round

summer house shed in the garden

At Garden Affairs we’ve been installing all-timber insulated summerhouses for over 20 years. With a wide range on offer, from luxury corner summerhouses to the octagonal Prima and traditional Chelsea summerhouses, it’s hard to find a more delightful and cost-effective way of enjoying an indoor space outdoors.

If you’re thinking about installing an insulated summerhouse, read on to discover how a few low-cost upgrades can help you enjoy your building all year round without sacrificing any of the aesthetic benefits of the traditional summerhouse design.

3m Octagonal Insulated Summerhouse

The Summerhouse

Technology has come a long way from the Victorian-style brick structures found in stately homes across the country.

But something that hasn’t changed over the years is the longing to have a garden getaway to escape to, away from the hustle-bustle of life and in among the peace and beauty of nature. A place for reading and reflection, tea and conversation with friends, or a quiet break from work - all the while enjoying the natural aromas of the slow-grown, sustainable timber, and taking in the views of your garden.

Many of our customers put their summerhouses to more industrious use. An insulated summerhouse is a perfect space if you’ve got some extra time on your hands to try out a new hobby or revisit a past one - knitting, sewing, slab pottery or painting watercolours. Why not free up the kitchen table by making your insulated summerhouse a special creative space just for you.

2.5m Octagonal Insulated Summerhouse

Why stop at summer?

But why should a summerhouse be just for summer, particularly as summer seems to end as soon as it begins? What a shame to invest in such a beautiful garden structure, only to find that it’s an oversized ornament for three-quarters of the year.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could see the snowdrops appear in winter, watch the garden spring to life in spring, and enjoy the diverse autumn palette? We think so!

Which is why at Garden Affairs we design our insulated summerhouses to be a comfortable space for year-round use.

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Get more out of your insulated summerhouse.

We’ve found a way to combine modern luxuries with traditional designs - the best of both worlds. With a few simple, inexpensive additions, you can have an insulated summerhouse that keeps its traditional aesthetic while keeping you comfy even when there’s snow on the ground.

Insulate your garden summerhouse. Without insulation, the summerhouse will lose heat in the cold months of autumn and winter. Adding insulation will greatly reduce heat loss and make your summerhouse comfortable for year-round use. Garden Affairs offer high-quality rigid insulation in the roof and floor to create a highly insulated summerhouse.

Increase wall thickness. Summerhouses will typically be single-skin, with thinner walls (28-30mm) than a garden office (often 44mm). Opting for 44mm thick timber walls in your already insulated summerhouse will create an additional layer of natural insulation.

Add heating to your summerhouse. Once your summerhouse is installed, you won’t need to spend much on heating to make your space toasty warm. Add a wall-mounted convection heater, a small fan heater or a log burner and your summerhouse will be ready for year-round use.

Cosy up your summerhouse. By adding wall hangings, rugs and throws you can create a warm, snug space to cosy up in when it’s cold and dark outside.

3m x 3m Insulated Summerhouse

Make your Summerhouse your own.

We want to make sure you benefit from the design features that will make your insulated summerhouse a unique, stand-out feature in your garden:

  • glazing bars
  • shingle roofs
  • casement windows
  • symmetry throughout.

But our buildings are fully customisable, so if you’d prefer a flat roof, different shaped building (corner, rectangular or octagonal), or a bespoke interior, we’ll work with you to create the design that suits you and your garden.

Flat Roof Insulated Summerhouse

Order now in time for spring.

With current lead times, now is the perfect time to order your new multi-functional, versatile, year-round Garden Affairs insulated summerhouse in time to see your tulips & hyacinths in full bloom.

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