Create your garden sanctuary with a Victorian Summerhouse

With so much worry and concern in the world, many of us are looking for a place of escape, somewhere to embrace the simple comforts of nature, reflect on the good things in life and restore our energy.

What better way to do that than with your own peaceful retreat, tucked away from the busyness of daily indoor life?

If you’ve got a garden with some extra space to be creative with, then now could be just the time to embrace the onset of spring and create your own summerhouse garden sanctuary.

Timber garden summer house
The Wraysbury Summerhouse by Chelsea Summerhouses

A summerhouse sanctuary

The beauty of the summerhouse is its ability to add a charming aesthetic to your outdoor space, without dominating it.

These small and unpretentious garden buildings, with echoes of the Victorian folly or oriental pavilion, will bring an eye-catching yet subtle extra detail to your garden. Because of their diminutive size (a footprint of around five square metres is typical), it’s easy to tuck them away, almost unnoticed, in a tranquil, perhaps forgotten, outdoor spot. The perfect location for your garden sanctuary.

With a pleasing symmetry and built from natural materials, the summerhouse is a popular choice for a garden retreat as it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to set up, and fits so comfortably in among nature.

These exquisitely crafted buildings come in a selection of shapes and sizes, from Rectangular and Corner to the popular Octagonal Summerhouse (ideal for smaller gardens), or the ten-sided Wraysbury, if you’re after a larger entertainment space.

Octagonal timber summrhouse
Small Octagonal Summerhouse

The summerhouse is a perfect space to allocate some precious time to yourself: that unmistakable feeling of being inside in the outdoors, protected by timber and glass, immersed in only your thoughts and the warm aromas of the wood surrounding you.

Create a comfortable interior with soft furnishings and cushions, and position garden benches along the outside of the summerhouse for a practical, comfortable garden retreat.

Choosing the right summerhouse for you

It’s pretty easy to find a cheap summerhouse, but if you’re after something that not only looks good but has a long life, then there are a few important things to look out for:

  • Choose the right timber – slow-grown is more durable.
  • Invest in double-glazed windows and doors – they’ll help reduce moisture levels.
  • Generous double doors will allow you to let the outside in when the weather permits.
  • Add some style with a tongue and groove floor.
  • Remember: location, location, location. Be sure to find the best spot in your garden, with a view to inspire and restore you, and as much privacy as you can get.
  • Get professional help where necessary – our summerhouses can be installed by our in-house experts

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