She Sheds - A Case Study

Our customer, Nancy who lives in Bath with her husband a financial consultant and three children is a freelance journalist.

On a visit to the annual Bath Flower show, she saw and fell in love with our timber buildings and having recently re-trained as a teacher, she thought it would make the perfect bolt hole for her to study. Working in the house had not been a success! Every time she tried to work, she had to deal with teenagers' demands on her time and so the thought of a bolt hole where no one could reach her was perfect!

Because Nancy decided to incorporate a bathroom and bedroom she sought planning permission, which successfully came through in just 6 weeks.  log cabin summerhouse

The building, a large, multi-roomed log cabin was made to measure to fit Nancy's requirements. In heavy-duty 68mm logs, the cabin features 2 sets of double doors on each end for separate access points and has 2 main work rooms plus a bathroom with shower and loo. Nancy's investment cost her £15,000 all in - including base work, plumbing and electrics, insulation and double glazing -   A lot cheaper than a house extension and a whole lot more space for her money too! 

Using her natural creative flair, Nancy has filled her summerhouse with her favourite books, paintings and antique cups and saucers and made sure that the kids can not bother her by only having one key!

Having a separate room away from the house meant that Nancy can work into the small hours without disturbing the rest of the family and even sleep over in the cabin if necessary. The children even text her now to make sure it is safe to come in! 

Nancy also enjoys inviting her girlfriends over for a glass or two of wine after work where they chat for hours. And when her mother comes to stay from Ireland, the cabin provides a cosy retreat for the two of them.  "We stay in the summerhouse together and it feels as if we're on holiday!".   

"The best thing about my summerhouse is that it can be whatever I want it to be, I'd advise any woman to create a place of her own".

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