Guide to doors & windows for your garden building

Windows and doors provide security, and thermal and acoustic insulation and affect the aesthetic appeal of your garden cabin. So what should you look for when buying a garden cabin for all-year-round use as a garden office, studio or additional accommodation?

Firstly, it is very important to view buildings to inspect the doors/windows for yourself as this is one area where quality can vary enormously from supplier to supplier. Here at Garden Affairs we have a comprehensive display site where you can see first-hand the quality of our buildings together with the styles of doors & windows on offer.  

Achieving high-performance doors/windows that will look good for years to come requires top-quality materials. All our doors & windows are manufactured from premium quality, slow-grown, Northern European Spruce sourced from managed forests (the further south the lower the quality, the further north the better). Timber is kiln-dried to 14% and many doors/windows are laminated for extra strength & stability.  

window close up
Proline 2.9m x 2.9m

High performance double glazed doors & windows are essential for all-year-round comfort

Well-designed, energy-efficient timber windows and doors will add to your comfort, reduce energy consumption and heating costs, as well as control CO2 emissions. For all-year-round comfort, all our garden cabins come double-glazed as standard.

Doors and windows require a good quality paint or stain finish to protect them from the weather. To save time, you should think about paying a bit extra for factory paint or stain finishing available in any colour of your choice this gives a professional look and saves you both time and effort! 

timber doors & windows
Linea 4m x 3m Garden Office

If you require planning permission for your garden building because you live in a conservation area or a listed building, we can help you choose windows and doors that are sympathetic to existing buildings. Our extensive choice (and we can manufacture made-to-measure solutions if required) offers something for everyone. We will always work around any problems by adapting a design or detail to help achieve a suitable style for you.

Door & window options

Choose a bay window, arched, triangular, or porthole & add timber shutters.

What type of glass do you use in your windows/doors?

All doors & windows are double-glazed in either 4-6-4 or 4-16-4.

What type of doors/windows do you offer?

  • Simply put, a huge variety ranging from casement (opening outwards), tilt/turn (opening both outwards and bottom hinged for ventilation), fixed & vented, balcony windows which acts as both a door & a window offering a lot of glazing.

  • With our extensive range of window styles, you will be spoilt for choice, pick from round, arched, straight, segmental-arched, triangular, circular, bay, semi-circular or port-hole, and choose leaded windows, brass bars, and wooden glazing bars to finish off the look.

  • Create the look you want with our solid doors, 1/3 glazed doors, 1/2 glazed doors, 3/4 glazed doors, 4-panel folding, 3 panel folding, double garage doors, doors with triangular glazing, sliding doors, balcony sliding doors, and inner doors in a variety of styles.

    porthole window
    Choose port hole glazing in your door and make a design statement!

  • If security is of paramount importance, choose our fully working decorative window shutters or we can also supply frosted glass.

  • Internal doors are offered both glazed and solid with a choice of attractive panel features.

What about the details?

  • Market-leading adjustable hinges
  • 3-point multi-locking mechanism
  • Neoprene draught seals on both door & window frames
  • High-quality, branded locks and fittings to international DIN standard
  • Optional glazing bars
  • Removable glazing bars to assist with painting and cleaning
  • Laminated timber doors to reduce warping
  • Doors have a height of 2m to avoid "stooping"
  • Door thresholds are fitted with a protective aluminium strip
  • Choose left or right hand hinged on all single doors
  • Available factory-finished in paint or stain finishes

Do you offer Velux Windows?

Yes. Our Log Cabins, garden offices & studios are ideal for the installation of Velux roof windows. We offer a standard size of 78cm x 55cm centre pivot windows with a natural pine timber finish. Other sizes are available upon request.  A roof light will provide the perfect choice for overhead light for artists and craft workers.

Velux Window Log Cabin

What about window & door security?

Door locks are fitted with Winkhaus X-Pert S Profile Cylinder with ‘anti-bump’ protection that has been designed with domestic properties in mind. It uses an open profile section which means that duplicate keys can be obtained very quickly from any locksmith on the High Street. The X-pert S Profile Cylinder has undergone comprehensive ‘anti-bump’ tests conducted by the UK Locksmiths Association in October 2007, Adam Jackson, Director of UK Locksmith Association quoted “Due to the design of the cylinder and the anti-pick pins we could not bump the cylinder open”. His overall verdict of the X-Pert S Cylinder: “We found this lock to be of extremely high quality and with superb durability”.


  • 5 tumbler pins on each side
  • Core pins made of resistant hard bronze for protection against drill attack
  • Single unrestricted profile, ideal for homeowners
  • X-Pert S exceeds EN1303 requirement for the number of cycles
  • Supplied with 3 keys per cylinder
  • BSEN1303:2005 8 digit code 16 – 0 C20

Double-glazed casement windows are fitted with multi-point espagnolette locking systems and robust fully adjustable hinges.

contemporary doors & windows
Linea 3.5m x 2.5m Garden Office

Finally, can I trust the quality of your doors & windows?

This is the main area that many timber building manufacturers fail on.

High-quality doors and windows are vital for comfort, security and longevity of your building. You can be confident in the performance of our range of double-glazed doors and windows, we offer a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee on manufacturing defects and unlike many of the cheaper companies, our double-glazed doors have a height of 2m to avoid stooping when entering.  So whatever your design, you can rest assured that our quality doors & windows will not only look good but will be around for years to come!