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If you’re considering a new garage, there are a lot more options than a draughty brick or concrete structure. Especially if you’re planning to spend a bit of time in there, tinkering with cars and bikes or working on DIY projects, take a good look at timber garages before you decide.

If your classic car or pet project is almost part of the family in your eyes, it’s worth creating the right space for it. You might discover that your loved ones like it residing (with all the clutter that goes with it) in its own special home as well!

More akin to a garden room than it is to a cold and dusty outbuilding, a secure, warm and welcoming timber garage has a number of advantages.

You get exactly what you want

The flexibility and good value of timber garage design mean that it’s easy to specify the exact size and layout you want. You can take a standard design and customise it – and we don’t charge extra for our creative input!

Our customer gallery offers inspiration, showing how customers have combined single or double timber garage spaces with side-room garden storage, outside covered areas for bikes and wood stores, and even linked timber garages and garden office spaces. Choose from up-and-over, electric or classic side-hinged doors on many garage designs.Double timber garage

A timber garage is a solid, heavy building and will require a solid concrete pad and step-free access. You have the option of us installing the garage for you, or we offer a home assembly kit option if you plan to bring your own new creative space/car storage into being.

Timber garages which are close to a boundary, above 2.5m high or in neighbourhoods such as conservation areas may require planning permission. This is a standard process and we’re on hand to help see the whole thing through with you.  Or alternatively, we can design your timber garage to be under 2.5m high.

It’s excellent value – and quick to install

A timber garage is sound value compared to a brick or concrete structure, and can normally be installed with minimum mess, noise and disruption within just a couple of days.wooden garage

It will last and last

Solid, timber garages are robust and extremely durable. Built from interlocking, slow-grown northern European pine, kiln dried to prevent movement, in either 45mm or 70mm timbers these buildings require only a good weatherproof paint or stain and then routine maintenance to last a lifetime. Roofing materials from bitumen tiles, slate effect tiles & cedar shingles are all weatherproof, long-lasting and good to look at.

This quality of construction together with domestic-standard lockable windows and doors also make our timber garages reassuringly secure. Alarms can also be fitted if required.

It looks great

Suffolk Garage

Whether you want a wooden workshop which quietly blends into its surroundings, or a fabulous design statement with kerbside appeal, a timber garage is an attractive addition to any property. You can opt for factory pre-treatment or apply any paint or treatment colour you like, and select a style which complements your home.

Benefits of Timber Garages

Wood is a natural insulator with a high thermal mass. It’s also naturally breathable, creating a storage space for your car, your equipment and tools which stays at a more constant temperature and humidity level than concrete, brick or metal structures.

These natural advantages of solid wood help avoid the clammy condensation which can wreak havoc on your stored items, but it also makes a timber garage or workshop a warm and welcoming workspace for you. If you’re planning to use it all year round, it’s wise to consider installing insulation and heating. As you tinker away, it’s good to reflect that your timber garage is made from a 100% renewable resource, FSC sourced and carbon neutral.

Double Garage

Adequate ventilation is important to keep things dry and comfortable in your garage; obviously it’s vital if you are using tools and materials which create dust or fumes. You’re almost certain to need a power supply, and plumbing and drainage is also an option if required.

Beyond these basics, you can create a timber garage which is perfect for your storage and workshop needs. Built-in benches, shelving, rackspace and cupboards keep your equipment shipshape, and double-glazed windows and rooflights shed plenty of light where you need it.

So it’s worth thinking outside the box (the cold, draughty, faceless concrete one) when it comes to choosing a garage. A high-quality, durable timber garage designed to your exact specifications will be warm, dry, secure, efficient and beautiful. Just the place for you and your favourite family member!

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