Bring your Posh shed out of the shadows

Bring your shed out of the shadows with a Garden Affairs Painted Shed.

Our high-quality garden sheds are more than just stylish – they are secure and high quality. Each garden building we design is bespoke and made to suit your needs.

Pioneer posh shed
Traditional Posh Shed with Log Store

Why do we neglect the garden shed when we are willing to invest in a beautiful garden and well-kept home?

They might be functional, clutter-clearing, and beloved of henpecked husbands everywhere. Many a shed lurk at the end of the garden, the cheapest we could buy and now quietly rotting. It’s time to bring your shed out of the shadows.

A good Posh shed should be strong, durable, safe and custom-designed to suit your garden. Most importantly they look great!

As part of a garden design, an attractive timber shed can be as strong on looks as it is on usefulness. Whether it be a traditional design or a contemporary modern shed.

So whether you’re replacing an old shed or planning new storage, here are a few things to think about.

Prima Fifth Avenue 1.8m x 1.8m Shed
Modern Painted Post Shed 3m x 2m

Where to put your Posh Shed

Your choice of Shed style depends upon where you want to put it, and the style of your house and landscaping. A posh shed can be a stand-out feature in a garden landscape design. Our painted modern sheds can fit even the smallest of spaces if you are tight on space.

We’re always on hand to offer advice, but the questions you’ll need to think about include:

  • How much storage do you need for frequently used items or occasional bits and bobs.
  • Their sizes, value and seasonality.
  • The position of doors for easy access from the house, the gate, or the greenhouse.
  • Will you use your shed for tasks such as potting, bicycle maintenance or woodworking.

These things will dictate how close you want your shed to your house or vegetable patch. For example, whether you’ll want mains electricity or all-weather paths, and so on. Consider the view from your house, gate, or patio and how you’d like your shed to fit into it.

Garden sheds typically do not require planning permission. However, there may be planning restrictions regarding their size and location in conservation or protected areas. Learn more about garden shed planning permission with our guide to planning permission.

Pioneer posh shed
Traditional Posh Shed

The basics

When you’ve decided on your size and style, it’s time to put down the foundations. All sheds require a solid prepared base. You can construct a base from concrete, patio slabs, or a timber deck base. 

All our buildings include pressure-treated joists that the shed walls will sit on. If we are positioning the shed on an old base, we recommend fitting a damp-proof membrane.

Treat it well

Whichever design you choose, you’ll be getting a garden shed that is really strong and durable. All timber structures, including ours, require proper treatment. We offer our sheds fully painted or stained in a wide selection of colours.

You can request your shed unpainted and treat it yourself. (read our blog article on painting your shed). Then it will survive the very worst of the British weather and look great for years to come.

Our Posh garden sheds are much more robust than the traditional panel timber sheds. We design our sheds to be heavy-duty, hard-wearing, watertight, and secure.

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It’s a sad fact that security is a consideration. Your bikes, power tools and garden equipment could be rich pickings for a thief.

Here a robust garden shed really scores over a basic panel shed. All our sheds come with high-quality door and window hinges, high-security locks and seals.

To prevent break-ins, choose frosted glass or no windows for a storage shed. You can also add shed alarms or security lights for added security. We can even supply toughened glass for extra security.

You can add space-saving storage inside. Fit wall brackets for bikes or surfboards. You can also use shelves and hooks for tools. Additionally, you can have a work surface with storage underneath for gardening or DIY projects.

lanscaped garden with timber shed
2m x 2m Modern Posh Shed

So which shed is for you?

The purpose of your shed will determine its design. Decide if you want windows for light and choose clear or frosted glass. If you're storing bicycles consider wider or sliding doors for easy access. Few of us have space for multiple garden buildings, so sheds often need to serve multiple purposes.

Then of course your shed needs to fit into its surroundings. Is your garden design crisp and urban or more traditional?

Think about colours and roofing materials. Our robust log cabins are perfect in a cottage or woodland garden. You could create the beach-hut look even if your garden is miles from the sea!

For buildings with flat roofs, you can install a green roof to compensate for the lost green space. A waterproof membrane underpins a planting bed on the shed roof for low-maintenance plants. It looks wonderful from an upstairs window, and the local wildlife will love it too.

flower bed of succulents
Install a Living Sedum Roof on your Posh Shed

We can design a shed specifically for your needs; We recently made a shed for a client's ride-on lawn mower. It has a concrete floor, wide doors, and a low threshold for easy access.

Customers needing dry storage of items such as books and work materials have chosen 44mm timber and extra insulation. Many customers want to combine a garden office or summerhouse with a shed incorporated into the design. Tell us what you need, and we’ll get creative.

We can customise your garden shed design with different options such as frosted glass and different types of windows. There are plenty to choose from.

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