Homeworking Shed for Craft Business

 Karin Celestine lives in a small house in Monmouth, Wales.

In her garden, there is a shed and in that shed is another world.

The world of Celestine and the Hare.

Garden Craft Shed 
How did you get into the creative industry, what is your background? 

 I’ve always made things since I was tiny. I took my weaving loom to school for a bring your toys to school day when I was 9 so I think that tells you something! I taught crafts and science for many years but the compulsion to make, and my house filling with woolly creatures, led me to try and sell a few things. My plan was to sell felted hats but the animals I was making for a fun and photographing alongside the hats sold every time, so much more than the hats, so it just built from there.

Tell us a bit about your unique craft business

I make needle-felted woollen creatures which I sell online and in galleries. I do small stop-motion animations of them just for fun and then the ‘Tribe’ that lives in the Shed with me appear in children’s books. I write stories of small acts of kindness, gentle tale that ends in something being made. At the end of the book, the animals then show you how to make the craft featured in the book. They are published with Graffeg and available in bookshops as well as on my website. The Great British Bake Off!

Where did you work before the studio? 

I used to work in the spare room in the house, then I worked from a small shed. For this shed from Garden Affairs, I crowd-funded with a membership scheme. You become a member of the "Tribe" and receive a badge and membership card. Different levels mean you can receive a bear sent on your birthday. The "Chokliteers" as I call the Tribe, funded the new Shed for which I am very grateful. 

What made you decide to choose a garden studio rather than rent space? 

Hugely cheaper and has no travel costs. I love being outdoors and close to nature and wood. I wanted a little Swedish wooden house so this was a perfect way to achieve that.  I can work late if I want to, and nip out as and when I like. I love having a space of my own and spending most of my time in it!

Why did you choose Garden Affairs for your build?

I looked at lots of companies but I liked the look of the quality of the buildings and the personal service and I’m so glad I chose them. They are amazing! Such good service, helpful friendly and don’t try to do you out of extra money, in fact they custom designed & tweaked my designs so they ended up being cheaper than I had planned!Felt Creatures

And finally what do you like most about it? 

Oh I adore my shed so much. I know it is a log cabin really but I love calling it the "Shed of Glory". It looks like a little Swedish red house on the outside. Inside the wood feels so lovely to be around. It is so easy to put up shelves or hooks. It is warm and cosy, The doors and windows all work and are double glazed but there is something cosy about being in a small wooden space. I have all my stuff around me, pictures on the walls.. I just love it so much. And I’m planning on a green roof for it too so it will be helping the wildlife as well as making me happy inside. 

For a "Shed of Glory" like Karin's just give us a call on 01225 774566.

Thank you Garden Affairs

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