Garden Photography Studio

Our customer Nicola Jane Proctor is a professional photographer who mainly works from home.  Portraits of newborns and young children are her speciality, as well as wedding photography and she also runs workshops for small businesses looking to improve their camera skills. But when Nicola Jane was pregnant with her own child, and working from the new baby's soon-to-be bedroom, she turned to the only available space left to her - the garden.   Take a look at Nicola Jane's beautiful website here:  

Her photography studio from our Prima range measures 4.8m x 3m and was designed in a pentagonal shape to neatly fit the available garden space.  Built-in solid 44mm timber walls, the cabin was installed by our team and insulated for all-year-round use.  Double-glazed large windows let light flood in.  The studio was built onto our deck base system and Nicola Jane chose a factory-painted finish in an attractive dusty grey and white colour scheme. Garden Photography Studio

Where did you work before the garden room?

I worked from a small office in the house, and hired studio space as and when I needed it or travelled to clients homes. Having a garden studio, had always been a dream, so when I fell pregnant with my second child and we needed the room that was my office as her bedroom, I started to look into some space for the garden.

What made you decide to choose a garden room for your business?

I loved the idea of still working from home, but having some form of separation, I also wanted something that would look good in our garden, I have always loved the Scandi look!

Garden Photography Studio

Why did you choose Garden Affairs?

I did A LOT of research into this, and chose Garden Affairs as I loved the fact it was a local family-run business and well priced alongside a very good quality product, I visited your demo site dreaming of owning one!

What factors influenced your choice of building?

The shape of the building I chose fitted well into our garden. Also cost was an issue as I needed to stick to the budget that I had set myself.

What are the main benefits to using the garden room for both you and your business?

It allows me to detach myself and my business from the house, so when I go to work, I have my own space but I'm still able, if needed, to nip down in the evening to complete work, which If renting I couldn’t do, it just wouldn’t work with two children. It also offers me the opportunity to achieve the look I wanted for my business.Garden Photography Studio

My clients love the space too, I photograph newborns as part of my job, and it offers a calm relaxing space for the new parents, I think the jar of cookies and coffee helps too!

And lastly...What do you both like most about it?

I love the Cosiness of the cabin, its such a lovely space to work in, but also offers extra space as a family. We plan to pop a projector in so we can have movie nights (got to keep the hubby happy! He’s a little bit envious of my work space!) Also I love the reaction I get from my clients when they see it for the first time, I have had great positive feedback.