Work from home in a garden office

Working in a garden office

Hybrid working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason.

The most obvious advantage is the time saved from not having to travel to and from work. Employees working from home can gain back the time spent sitting in traffic or on public transport. That's an extra 1-2 hours per day that can now be reallocated to work, leisure activities, family time, or simply having a more relaxed routine. Working in pyjamas also beats suits and ties!

In addition to saving time, working from home eliminates the stress and fatigue caused by commutes. Employees often feel more energised and focused when they skip the commute and start work immediately from their home office. The reduction in travel can also lead to cost savings on fuel or transit expenses.

Working in a garden office provides greater flexibility with one's home life. Employees can more easily shift their work hours to accommodate personal appointments, household responsibilities, and the like. Flexible working means can take a quick break to walk the dog or have lunch with family. The flexibility enables better work-life balance.

Working from home in a log cabin
Log Cabin home office

The comfort of working from home also promotes productivity. Employees tend to get more done in a quiet, familiar environment without office chatter and disruptions. They can create a customised workspace with their preferred equipment and tools. Greater autonomy over one’s workspace can lead to greater efficiency.

In terms of company benefits, enabling remote working expands the talent pool. No longer limited by geography when hiring, the company can attract talented individuals from a broader region. Retention may also improve if employees appreciate the option to work remotely.

While managing remote teams takes some adjustment, technology makes it easier than ever. Communication tools like video conferencing and instant messaging enable collaboration across locations. Project management software helps coordinate tasks and track progress.

inside a timber garden office
3m x 1.8m Timber Garden Office

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The benefits certainly outweigh any challenges for many employees and their employers. Providing the option to work from home allows the company to operate in a way that maximises productivity, satisfaction, and work-life balance. The perks of telecommuting are plenty, for both individuals and the organization as a whole.

When designing your garden office workspace, think carefully not only about how you like to work now but also in the future. Is this a one-person space for a small city garden or somewhere you will want to bring staff and visitors? Build in storage areas, work stations and if your business is expanding, plan for more capacity in the future.

A large garden office design and case study

This amazing garden office fits perfectly in a rural area. It is a custom-made design from our top log cabin collection, made for a client who works from home. 

Measuring a generous 9m x 5m, the office space features a set of high-quality double doors and 4 x tilt-and-turn balcony windows. The office is a light and airy space in which to work all year round. 

This high-quality cabin is made from strong 70mm timber. It is insulated in the roof and floor and is double-glazed. These features make it a great work-from-home office. 

Bespoke Log Cabin garden office
9m x 5m Log Cabin

A brown bitumen-felt shingle roof is a practical, long-lasting option that looks attractive, other colours are available. The building has 3 Velux skylights built into the design for direct overhead light above workstations. All doors & windows are factory painted in white and the client chose to paint the main building in a subtle green colour.

Log cabin office interior
Log Cabin Interior

Inside, clever separation between workstations has been achieved with shelving and modern upright lighting. Open "A" frame trusses make an interesting feature and add to the feeling of openness. High-quality door & window locks keep the building secure.

Come see our log cabin garden offices at our display centre in Wiltshire, UK. We have a variety of options that will meet your needs and fit your space. At Garden Affairs, we can create any size, shape, and style you imagine, and even surprise you with more options! Over the last 22 years, we have helped thousands of clients design and realise their ideal garden office.

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