Sadolin the perfect paint finish for your garden building

After treating your timber building with a good quality wood preserver, it is important to further protect against water and ultra-violet light damage. Garden Affairs recommend ‘micro porous’ finishes; water-based products in either translucent or opaque finishes.

Painted Garden Building
Traditional Garden Shed

Water-based products offer a number of benefits over traditional solvent-borne coatings including:

  • Up to 10 years before re-painting

  • Self priming & undercoating

  • Low odour

  • Lower environmental impact

  • Resist peeling, cracking or blistering

  • Solid colour finish 

  • Can be applied to new & previously painted or stained surfaces
The Sadolin range (shown below) offers a huge range of colour options including:
  • SUPERDEC (the ultimate in opaque wood protection, extremely flexible, contracting & expanding with the wood and ideal for hiding any timber blemishes)
  • BEACH HUT Colours
  • RAL Colours
  • BS48000 Colours

Sadolin paints for garden buildings

Your only problem will be making a choice from the huge range available. But don't worry, paint colours are covered in another of our blogs Choosing a colour for your garden building  And, to help you choose, Sadolin offer 250ml sample pots available to buy in-store.  For stockists phone 0330 024 0298 or visit their website at: