Nine ways to enjoy a Garden Log Cabin

Life’s there for the living, there are so many things to do - and not just work. From hobbies and health and fitness to horticulture and hairdressing, whatever your recreational go-to, you just need to find the time and space to enjoy it.

A garden log cabin could be just the answer: not only the perfect place to work, but also somewhere to escape to and do what you love, take some time out and recharge. With indoor space at such a premium, and current market turmoil making house moves and big-build projects unappealing, now could be just the time to create space by investing in a garden log cabin.

Garden Log Cabin 5m x 3m

Read on to discover just a few ways a garden building can create more space for you and your family. The perfect place to work, rest and play.

1. Stylish and sustainable

At Garden Affairs, we pride ourselves on offering the very best in eco-friendly garden buildings. We have a wide range of log cabins for sale, as well as home offices, summerhouses and gazebos, all made from the finest slow-grown timber, harvested from sustainably managed forests, and environmentally certified. As a natural insulator, the timber structure keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer months.

Our log cabin kits are built to last, and thoughtfully designed, inside and out. A garden building will add a contemporary aesthetic to your garden, and instantly be your happy place of cosy comfort you can’t wait to escape to.

2. Space of your own

A garden log cabin is a space you can make your own. Try out some interior designs that might not necessarily work in the house - free up your creative side! How about a cool and pared-back Scandi-chic look? Or maybe some bold maximalist patterns and colours? You can really experiment and let yourself go, free from the strict colour schemes of the home.

You can do your own thing in your log cabin, whether it’s building model aircraft or writing the next Netflix hit drama, and you don’t have to answer to anyone. As one of our customers says about the new Garden Affairs garden building he uses as a ‘man cave’: “I’m going to do my thing for a while. When I come back I’ll be happier, and meanwhile, I won’t make a mess in the kitchen.”

3. Propagation station

Being outdoors and surrounded by nature has proven benefits for mental health. A garden building is an ideal spot to enjoy the fruits of your labour by opening the doors and sitting down to relax, breathe and take in the view.

And you can also spend time in your log cabin indulging in your horticultural hobby. A beautiful sunny space with breathing walls is perfect for planting, pruning and propagation. Add some surplus-to-requirements house plants to create a peaceful nature retreat.

4. A flexible friend

Another great benefit of a garden building is its versatility. Many customers choose their Garden Affairs building for a particular purpose, only to use it for something else a few years later. On retirement, a garden office can become a pottery studio. Once the kids have left home, their teen den can easily be converted into a creative writing space.

Maybe you originally used your garden log cabin as a massage therapy room, but now want to have a space for you and your partner to each have your own art studio. Easy. If space allows, you can put in dividing walls and doors at a relatively low cost to adapt the space to your needs.

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5. A place for mindfulness and meditation

If you choose the right spot for your log cabin - tucked away in a quiet nook, or perched on an incline with a majestic view - it will be so much more than just another recreational or workspace. It can be your peaceful retreat, away from the busyness of daily life, a chance to switch to another mindset.

Many Garden Affairs customers use their garden rooms as a place to meditate and focus on mindful activities like painting, reading and yoga. What better place to clear your mind and connect with the energy around you than a breathable, sustainable timber cabin nestled among nature?

5m x 3m Flat Roof Log Cabin

6. The perfect playroom

A log cabin can be customised in size and interior layout to create the ideal games room. No more noise, mess and mountains of toys in the house, a garden room is an exciting space for the children to play and make their own.

It gives them time on their own time for independent play, and a break for you, knowing they’re safe and secure a few metres away in the warmth and security of the garden room.

And why not create a play space for you and your friends? The sturdy slow-grown floor timbers mean there’s ample support for heavy items like a pool table. Put in some sofas, a dart board fitted cupboards for your board games and desk space for your game consoles, and you’ve got everything you need for a grown-up play den.

7. A weekend destination

After a hard week’s work, you deserve somewhere to escape to a cosy garden retreat where you can relax with your favourite tipple, and unwind in the evening sun.

A garden room also makes a wonderful social space. Invite your friends over for a drinks party with a difference. You can add a veranda or sheltered open space to most of our buildings, ideal for al fresco gatherings and barbecues in the tranquillity of your outdoor space.

Log Cabin Veranda

8. WFH with a difference

Be the envy of your work colleagues on Zoom calls with a backdrop of the stylish tongue and groove panelled walls of your garden office, or the wildflower meadow you look out onto during office hours.

With insulated walls, roofs and floors, the log cabin is warm and comfortable all year round, making it ideal for a home office, away from household distractions. A workplace that doesn’t feel like work.

Your building can be made to measure, to the size and interior specification of your desired office space - with ample room for a spacious work area, meeting room and waiting area for clients. Quite a move up from the cramped working environment of the kitchen table!

Or go for something from our compact Office Pod range, designed to fit easily into small gardens where space is at a premium. They may be small but they’re stylish, and neatly accommodate the office essentials - desk, chair, and storage space.

9. Keep fit, save on membership fees

Using a Garden Affairs log cabin as a home gym is a great way to keep up your fitness levels and save money. Strong, sturdy and spacious, a garden room is well-suited to house a wide range of gym equipment, with plenty of room for floor-based exercise routines too.

Throw open the double-glazed windows and doors and exercise in the fresh air. No more stuffy shared spaces - this is your personal keep-fit room.

And no more commitment to gym fees, or excuses that the gym is too far away and will take too much time out of your day. Once your garden room is up and the gym kit is in, all you need to commit to is pulling on your Lycra and jogging to the end of the garden. A garden gym can be just the motivational investment you need to commit to your fitness goals.

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