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How to build a garden office?

The simplest garden offices are assembled with 44mm thick tongue and groove wall boards that adjoin metal corner posts. The roof purlins slot into place and timber fascia boards are attached to conceal the tongue and groove ceiling. An EPDM rubber roof membrane creates a watertight finish, and a gutter outlet is installed for water drainage. Finally, the doors and windows slot into place, and the tongue and groove timber floor is attached to the base beams.

There are many different approaches to building a garden office. But for those wanting a DIY weekend project, and a well-insulated, solid garden office, it’s recommended to follow this process with a Prima Garden Office kit.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to build a garden office.

Do you need planning permission for a garden room office?

For most homes, the installation of a garden room office won't require a planning application. However, there are controls in place to ensure that buildings constructed have a limited impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.

For most properties, these controls are called permitted development rights - These rights define the criteria for buildings you're permitted to construct without making a planning application.

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Garden Room Office Planning Guidelines

What are the rules for a garden office?

The rules for building a garden office for most homes are permitted development rights. These rules relate to height, position, size, and purpose.


Garden offices within 2m of the boundary should be under 2.5m in height. Garden offices more than 2m of the boundary can be up to 4m in height.


A garden office should be sited behind the house, in the back garden. Garden offices can also be sited set back and to the side of the house, provided the address is not within a special planning zone.


  • The garden office will adopt less than 50% of the overall garden and be less than 30m² in size.
  • The garden office will be less than 15m² if within 1m of the boundary.
  • Garden offices at addresses within special planning zones* may be limited to 10m² if positioned closer than 20m to the house.


The garden office will be ancillary to the house and not be used for permanent accommodation or commercial purposes.

Linea Garden Office 2.5m high

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Is it legal to live in a garden room?

You can sleep in a garden room for up to 28 days in a calendar year. To permanently live in a garden room the best solution for most is to build a mobile home.

Talk to the team at Garden Affairs to learn more about building a timber mobile home for permanent residential use.

Livable Garden Room

Can I build a garden room next to my neighbour’s fence?

Yes, a garden room can be built next to your garden boundary/neighbour’s fence. Having a building against the boundary does reduce the maximum size to 15m2 unless special coatings have been applied or particular cladding types have been installed.

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Linea Garden Office next to neighbours fence

What is the 2.5m rule for garden offices?

This rule relates to the overall height of the garden office. If a garden office is within 2m of your garden boundary, it must be under 2.5m in height in line with permitted development rights.

The height of a garden office is measured from the highest point of natural ground adjacent to the office to the tallest point of the structure.

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