Keep the summer alive with outdoor living

timber changing room by a pool

If you’re about to get away somewhere sunny this year, you’re probably counting down the days in eager anticipation of sun, sea and hours of relaxation in the great outdoors. What a shame summer holidays are always too short. However hard you try to prolong those summer vibes, you’re soon back into work mode, and the post-holiday blues set in.

But outdoor living doesn’t have to be just a summer thing. Why not equip yourself to enjoy the best of the British sun at home, for the rest of summer and beyond? In this article, we’ll list the top ways to make the most of your garden and keep that holiday feeling alive.

Outdoor kitchen and dining

If you love dining and entertaining outdoors, a custom-built outdoor kitchen is an ideal addition to your garden. With sheltered appliances, dining table & chairs, an outdoor kitchen and dining area provide an elegant and practical way to entertain guests.

With a timber structure offering shade and shelter for your outdoor kitchen and furniture, you can make the irresistible pull of al fresco dining in the sun a regular fixture. And the options for creating your own bespoke outdoor kitchen are endless:

  • Add in a storeroom for convenient access to your cushions, throws and other bits and pieces.
  • Include heating for extra comfort as the evenings get cooler.
  • Put up some lighting so you can keep the party going long into the night; fairy or festoon lighting will get you back into the festival feeling; choose solar-powered lights for convenience and to be kinder on the planet.
Wooden Gazebo for outdoor dining

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BBQ shelters

If you’re tired of wrestling with a BBQ cover, or wheeling it out of the shed every time you want a few sausages on the grill, you can make outdoor cooking a simpler experience with a permanent timber BBQ shelter - and be the envy of the neighbourhood!

A BBQ shelter is an excellent way of enhancing your outdoor living experience, giving you a dedicated outdoor cooking space all year round. You can cook in all weathers, safely sheltered from drizzle or a downpour. And you can offer your guests welcome shade on sunny days, and the chance to stay warm if the wind gets up.

A BBQ shelter can be designed to fit your exact requirements - the size and style are up to you. And you’ll be adding a delightful focal point for parties and gatherings, where your guests can cosy up, even in the colder months, and enjoy the warmth of your hospitality.

Timber Gazebo / BBQ shelter

Poolside changing room

If you have a pool in your garden, you’ve probably experienced that post-swim clean-up of wet grass marks all over the house after the kids have run rampant. A poolside changing room will put an end to all that, and greatly improve the whole family’s swimming experience.

Your changing room could be a compact unit for changing in and out of swimwear, or a bigger space with a shower and toilet, or even a small kitchen area for refreshments. The changing room can be designed to your needs, and customised to tie in with any existing features in your garden. The benefits are many:

  • Privacy: a private, warm space to change after a summer dip.
  • Safety: a safe place to store valuables while swimming.
  • Family-friendly: families can change together, and parents can more easily manage their children.
  • Comfort: many people feel uncomfortable changing in a public space.
Timber pool-side room with custom timber pergolas

Garden bar

A garden bar is a great addition to your outdoor living space. It's perfect for socialising with family and friends and a fun place to gather away from the house. Get your neighbours over and compare stories of Bali and Bermuda with a tipple or two in your custom-made garden bar. Re-create your favourite watering hole where you control the music and closing time, and queues are a thing of the past.

A timber garden bar adds style and excitement to any outdoor space. And it can be designed and built to your requirements. Why not add a raised deck area, or an outdoor hot tub to enhance the garden bar and add to the ambience of your outdoor space?

Log Cabin Garden Bar

Custom-made buildings for every use

Your garden is an extension of your home, and with the addition of custom-made outdoor living spaces, you can create a useful and enjoyable area for entertainment and relaxation - which you can design to suit your needs and budget. They add fantastic value to your garden by offering versatile spaces for many uses.

Keep Summer Going With A Custom Garden Building

If you want to create more space and use your garden throughout the year, we have a custom-made timber building for you. Get in touch with our friendly Garden Affairs experts to learn more about creating space in the garden to keep the holiday feeling alive. Long live summer!

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