Use a garden building to run your beauty business from home!

Are you a busy beauty therapist, hair stylist or nail technician wanting to cut down on the cost of hiring your own space? Your very own salon in the garden could be the answer. Think about it: no commute, an easy stroll along the garden path to work, and the luxury of your very own space you don’t have to share with other therapists!

 home hairdressing salon in garden
A garden building gives you the freedom to create your own vibe.

A lot of therapists want to run their beauty business from home. It offers flexibility, no waiting around if clients are late or cancel, and no rent being paid when you’re not booked. And clients get a comfortable and professional space you’ve tailor-made for them with your own personal touches.

If you use a spare room as your therapy room, you won’t get that physical separation between work life and life in the house. Your clients don’t necessarily want to have to walk past a pile of dirty laundry on their way to their pampering session! It’s altogether more professional to have your own space, with your business name over the door. Anyway, do you really want your clients wandering through your home? A garden building offers privacy to both you and your client. They can use a side access, if you have one, to get to your salon: your private space remains private.

Your choice of design

 Nail bar home business in garden cabin

Here at Garden Affairs we offer custom designed buildings, to fit your exact needs. Nail bar, hairdressing salon, beauty or therapy room - we can design and build a stylish outdoor building which will impress your clients and give you a bright, airy, contemporary and practical working environment. Our buildings generally don’t require planning permission and are easy to self-assemble, or our expert team can come and do the job for you.

There are so many benefits to having a salon in your garden. You can create the warm, inviting and chilled-out space you’ve always dreamed of for your customers. You can put a TV on the wall, and install speakers to play music and create the warm atmosphere your clients will love.


Having your beauty business in your garden will turn out to be more cost-effective in the long term than renting, and offers you the opportunity to work more flexibly. You can choose the hours that suit you, and not worry about travelling to and from a salon in town. Set up your garden beauty salon exactly as you need it for your consultations, then leave it that way. It will always be ready for your next client.

 hairdressing salon at home
You can set up your space to suit you and your clients

We’ll be happy to sit down with you and help you plan the sort of building you want. The first thing we’ll discuss is size. Often, clients underestimate the amount of space they’re going to need. Obviously, there’s the question of the number of chairs, massage tables, beauty couches, manicure stations etc you’ll need, and the amount of space they’ll take up. But it’s also a good idea to think about whether you might expand your business and offer other treatments in the future, and/or hire out the space to other therapists. It’s worth ‘future-proofing’ your building.

Build your brand

The really exciting thing about building your own beauty or therapy room/salon is that you can make it totally your own. This is a unique opportunity for you to consider your brand, and reflect its identity in the interior design of your space. Will you go for a cool Scandi look, or be edgy-urban chic? Are you appealing to an older market or young mum? Or are you the go-to for guys looking for male grooming? Your ideal client should know they’re in the right place the moment they walk into your salon.

For some inspiring ideas for styling your interior, read our blog.  On a practical note, don’t forget you’ll need internal storage rooms for equipment and towels (we can build them in), and moppable flooring (we offer an easy-clean oak laminate).

garden therapy studio
This is your space. You can make it your own and express your brand 

Client privacy 

When you’re designing your garden room, it’s also worth bearing in mind privacy. You don’t want your neighbours sneaking a peek of your clients through the windows. Think about where you position your building – ideally south-facing, and not overlooked. You can install higher-level, rather than full-length windows. Or windows with frosted glass or positioned away from treatment areas. Browse around for blinds - a wide range is available that create privacy, without blocking out all the natural light.

 home based massage therapy building
 Bear in mind privacy. Choose a private spot or add an external covered verandah.

Temperature is important, for the comfort of your clients, and for your own well-being. All our buildings are available fully insulated to keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter. They also have high-quality double glazed doors and windows. Or you could put in an air-conditioning unit, a popular option for year-round comfort.

We’ve got you covered!

Depending on the service you’re offering, you may need running hot and cold water. We can put in basins and add a room division for a separate shower/toilet space. We will take care of all your plumbing needs, and our team of trusted electricians can easily install power points, heating, towel rails and lighting & any other services you require.

 garden beauty studio

We’ll make sure you’ve got all bases covered: everything laid out to your specification with your personality in evidence throughout – in a durable, high quality, low maintenance, utterly gorgeous building you’ll be proud of!

You can find out more about all our garden buildings here. And do feel free to pop into our display centre to see some of our buildings for yourself and talk to our expert team about how we can help you change your way of working. 

What our customers say...

“Thanks again to the guys doing such a good job today despite the bitter weather. They were quick but very thorough and careful. I certainly feel we have a very sound and secure garden building. They went through everything carefully on completion and left absolutely no mess. Really friendly and professional guys. I shall definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for a garden room or office. Service from start to finish from all members of the team (including the delivery guy) has been exceptional. Excellent customer…”

Mrs Goldstone - Reading

“Having shown their own office building and explained the construction I placed an order for my own building. It arrived on time, was erected in a day, and has daily provided excellent accommodation for my office/studio/workshop. I am delighted and am proud to show it off to all my friends and business associates who are so impressed with 'My' beautiful building."”

Mr Merkl - Bath

“We would like to thank you very much, we have been really impressed with your teams efficiency and love the result. ”

Mr & Mrs Jacques, Somerset

“Thank you again for everything. We really are thrilled From the first visit to the office for tentative discussions to the moment the construction team left our garden, Garden Affairs could not have been more professional, friendly, knowledgeable, agreeable and flexible to deal with, and the result is a studio with separate 'garden/bike shed' space that somehow fitted into our tiny garden and raises the spirits every time we look at it, let alone spend time in it. We are so grateful to the whole team…”

Mrs Gahlin, Bath

“ Very happy with the quality of the product and workmanship. Polite, happy and confident installation team, a good job well done.”

Matthew Turner - Wiltshire County Council

“ Thank you for everything you did to produce such a lovely building. You were a great team, and coped so well with all the tricky access and parking issues. We're really pleased with the result.”

Laura Ford - Sherborne