Customer from Frome adds Garden Annexe for Space and Income

log cabin mobile home in the garden

In search of an additional source of income, Sue reached out to Garden Affairs with the intention of setting up a log cabin mobile home as an AirBnB at her residence in Frome.

The Goal:

·        Warm and cosy cabin style building

·        Amenities for overnight stays

·        Outdoor seating area

·        Additional income

Sue met our sales team at the Garden Affairs show site in Trowbridge. They talked about designing a perfect building for her.

The Result:

A 7m x 3.5m multi-room Log Cabin.

log cabin in the garden
7m x 3.5m Log Cabin with a 2m canopy.

She chose to leave the building untreated and stain it herself while having the windows and doors painted Dusty Grey at the factory.

Sue loved the design and decided to buy the building. She also added a 2m canopy to protect from rain and sun.

The unit was delivered and installed in just over one week, and Sue was ready to start earning additional income from the previously unused area of her garden!

The family made use of the annexe even before listing the property on Airbnb. During a house renovation, the four teens stayed in a garden cabin to avoid the disturbance of the construction.

With the renovation complete, Sue turned her attention to furnishing the mobile home. She wanted to ensure that her guests would have all the comforts they needed during their stay. The centrepiece of the home was a large, luxurious bed that promised a restful night's sleep. Sue carefully selected high-quality linens and pillows to enhance the overall comfort and cosiness of the sleeping area.

log cabin bedroom
Log Cabin Living - 7m x 3.5m Mobile Home

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Living Log Cabin

Overall, Sue's attention to detail and commitment to creating a comfortable and stylish space for her guests was evident in every aspect of the mobile home. Sue made sure her guests had a great stay with a comfy bed, a nice kitchen, and a cosy dining area with a fold-out table.

kitchen inside of a garden log cabin
Log Cabin Kitchen and living room

Sue has painted the interior walls in a light colour to fill the space with reflective light. They left the ceilings unpainted to help maintain the rustic log cabin aesthetic. The dark doors and windows break up the colours and blend with the black shingles.

The bathroom has a Velux skylight, which is a type of window installed on the roof. We strategically placed this skylight to allow natural light to enter the bathroom, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

The skylight gives light and lets fresh air in. This is particularly beneficial in a bathroom, as it helps to prevent the buildup of moisture and odours. The skylight also eliminates the need for additional windows or fixtures.

bathroom inside of a log cabin
Log Cabin Bathroom with Velux window

Sue described the annexe as fully self-contained with its own entrance and outdoor area. Guests can appreciate having that private access and garden space to relax in. Beyond the sleeping area, kitchenette, and bathroom, they have smartly maximised the compact footprint.

Overall, Sue seems delighted with how their mobile home annexe has created a new income stream. From temporary lodging for families to generating Airbnb income, it offers flexibility beyond a fixed extension.

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