A Bed of Roses in the Welsh Valleys

Rose needed an innovative way to start a holiday let business in the Welsh Valleys.

Our Garden Affairs buildings have been put to all sorts of uses. Many customers use the extra space to earn additional income. From home offices and therapy rooms to art and sewing studios, we’ve helped lots of entrepreneurs achieve their dream of making a living from the comfort of their own gardens.

When Rose told us about her vision of creating a holiday let business, we couldn’t wait to help. Like her, we could see the earning potential of inviting paying guests to enjoy the beautiful countryside surrounding her Welsh home. But she had a major stumbling block.

All that gorgeous land, and the breathtaking views of rolling hills and valleys, and Rose didn’t have any spare indoor space to accommodate guests.

The solution? One of our beautifully crafted timber log cabins. A stand-alone building would make an idyllic countryside hub for guests to enjoy nature, go on countryside walks and bike rides, or just relax and soak in the views.

Large unpainted log cabin
Log Cabin with Dormer Roof

GA: Why did you choose Garden Affairs?”

R: “We looked around and spotted that Garden Affairs produced the very model we were looking for, at an affordable price and the flexibility we needed. They were pragmatic and took a helpful approach to our needs and pocket. And they had extensive knowledge of the product.”

We set to work to deliver Rose’s vision, knowing that we needed to take special care to make sure the building complemented the stunning and tranquil countryside that would become its home.

What we came up with does just that. The exquisite 4m x 8.5m Log Cabin is made of natural, sustainable materials. With its earthy colours and textures, it blends seamlessly into the nature it has become a part of.

It’s a great choice for Rose’s Airbnb business. It was quick and easy to assemble, reasonably priced and the additional porch gives a subtle nod to the natural architectural grandeur of the surrounding landscape.

Large log cabin interior with table chair and sofa
Tongue-and-groove style walls, picture windows and sumptuous furnishings provide the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Inside, the look is bright, airy and contemporary, thanks in large part to Rose’s exquisite taste and styling, and the generous windows and glass doors which bring the drama and delight of the outdoors into the living space. The feature beams add a cool, chalet-style feel to the building. A blue kitchen adds a splash of colour, and thoughtfully placed furniture helps create a warm, practical environment for guests.

Log cabin blue kitchen
The bright and airy Log Cabin has so much space, and some fancy touches like the blue kitchen.

As well as feeling invigorated by nature, guests will also sleep sound in the knowledge that the building is made from sustainably-sourced timber, making it an eco-friendly alternative to other types of holiday accommodation. Its extra-thick, 70mm wooden walls will also guarantee comfort. Timber is breathable – no mustiness or condensation – and it’s a natural insulator, so guests will stay warm in winter and cool during the summer months. .

Rose Lodge now occupies a unique and enviable position in the Welsh Valleys. Its tranquillity, comfort and outlook are sure to make it a go-to destination for leisure-seekers wanting to relax, re-energise and get away from it all.

GA:What do you like most about the building?”

R: “I love the look of it, the feel of it, and the way it has become a part of our garden. It stands there like a good, solid friend.”

Rose Lodge is bound to attract visitors with a desire for comfort, and a taste for style. This fabulous building is up and running as a holiday let. Find out more about how you can book your luxury stay in this dream destination. 

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