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The rise in popularity of golf is in full swing following the pandemic, as more and more people are picking up a set of clubs and getting out for a friendly 9 holes with a few mates.

Some are inspired by the physical benefits, or the feeling of pure elation after striking an iron. Others, by the top 0.1% on TV playing on some of the best courses in the world; St Andrews, Pebble Beach, and of course, Augusta National, to name a few.

However, all golfers, new and experienced, will eventually mutter the same three words ‘Golf is hard!’ and they’re right! It’s a notoriously difficult game, especially if you’re just starting out. Then comes the challenge of navigating on-course etiquette, strict dress codes, eye-watering membership fees, and a line of spectators to throw in some pressure on your first shot of the day.

It’s no wonder that one of Garden Affairs customers wanted an easier introduction to the game and saw an opportunity to learn and practice in a more forgiving environment.

Ben contacted Garden Affairs with a specific idea in mind. He was new to the game of golf and wanted a way to practice and hone his swing from the comfort of his own home without the hassle of membership and tee times. There was just one issue – his garden measured 60 yards in depth, a far cry from the 6,000+ yards of an 18-hole course.

Ben’s idea was to purchase a digital golf simulator that would give him detailed statistics of his swing and access to the best courses in the world where he can try the same shots as the golfing greats of Woods & Mcllroy, all year round no matter the weather. It was a great idea, and Ben got speaking to Garden Affairs about a permanent space to house his simulator away from the busyness of his home/office.

Virtual golf in a log cabin building

How Garden Affairs Did It

Garden Affairs began designing a space with enough room to swing a cat (and a driver) whilst being mindful of fitting the building into the existing garden, and how it would function for a golf simulator, fit with a projector screen and trackpad.

There were four key challenges to tackle with this design:

  • The golf swing is typically at a 45–60-degree angle, which meant Ben would need a space with at least 3 metres height and 4 metres depth to ensure he can swing his driver freely.
  • Ben needed a room with a length of at least 5m to accommodate the launch angle of his shots and have enough room for an enjoyable playing experience.
  • The doors and windows would need to be positioned safely away from golf balls flying over 100mph, whilst still providing a light & airy room.
  • Lastly, the space needed to be a comfortable, enjoyable environment, with room for a TV and sofa for a garden hang-out spot.

The result:

Garden Affairs produced a custom-made design for a pitched roof log cabin, fit with 70mm thick timber walls for extra strength and insulation, and a 3-metre ceiling clearance. The cabins roof features internal roof trusses for extra support, which were positioned perfectly for mounting the projector out of harm’s way.

The doors and windows were fit safely near the rear end of the building, providing a light, airy space that no swing shape could reach, and the total building measured 7m wide x 4m deep, enough room for the golf setup with plenty left-over for spectators.

7m x 4m Pitched Roof Log Cabin

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Garden Affairs met up with Ben once the space was all setup, and after a quick 30-minute round of golf, they asked Ben to share his thoughts on his new space.

Where did you practice your game before having your log cabin simulator, and how has the change impacted your game/ability to practice?

“I used to take lunchtime trips to the driving range if/when work commitments allowed (which wasn’t often!). The sim has not only allowed for more time to practice at lunch but also evening practice once the kids are in bed. It’s early days in terms of progress, but I shot my first round in the 80s in a long-time last week, which surely isn’t a coincidence!”

What factors influenced your choice of the building?

“I obviously needed the height, width and length of cabin to comfortably accommodate a golf sim (with room for a bar and a few spectators of course). I also wanted it insulated to keep it warm enough to play in winter when getting out on the course is more difficult.”

Garden Golf Room

And lastly … What do you like most about using it?

“Just being able to have a social round with a few mates in the evening with some sport on in the background. You honestly can’t beat it.”

Ben is right, you honestly can’t beat it! And if like Ben, you want to play some of the best courses in the world and shoot a round in the 80s, talk to the team about investing in your game and your property with a custom-made garden golf simulator by Garden Affairs.

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