Maximise Your Garden: Timber Decking & Sheltered Canopy

timber building in the garden

A garden building is a great investment if you want to create additional indoor space. From home studios and hobby dens to garden offices and garages, our customers love how a Garden Affairs garden building can free up precious space in the house.

But there’s more to a garden building or log cabin than just the inside. It also has great potential to create an extra outdoor area. If you haven’t got a year-round space you can use for shelter from the sun and rain, a garden building provides the perfect opportunity to create one by adding a timber canopy and decking to the outside of the building.

Adding a canopy and decking is a great way to create an outside garden space that will be perfect for entertaining friends and family or just enjoying some time out on your own, whatever the weather.

Custom Prima Garden Office with integrated canopy & decking.

Bring the indoors outdoors

You’ve turned to the garden for additional space to free up the spare room from office clutter, hone your hobby or simply have a warm and comfortable space to admire the garden. At Garden Affairs, we’ve been creating usable space in the garden for over 20 years and understand how additional space can completely change your lifestyle.

But we also know how important it is to plan how the new garden building will work with the surrounding garden and space. Read on to find out how adding canopies, verandas and decking to your new garden building can get you even more out of your building, and help harmonise it with the surrounding landscaping.

Custom Log Cabin with Canopy & Decking.

Enjoy the outdoors - in all weather!

The refreshing feeling of walking through the garden as a morning commute, or popping down to the summerhouse for an afternoon read are just a couple of the benefits of a garden building.

But why stop there, why not further embrace the idea of indoor/outdoor with an integrated garden building shelter, which is ideal for relaxing summer days, outdoor dining and nature watching.

  • Shelter from the sun. It’s lovely to be outside during the hot spells, but too much time in the sun can be uncomfortable and harmful to the skin. The canopy’s summer shelter gives you the pleasure of being outside, without soaking up too many rays.
  • A break from the office. Having a sheltered deck joined to your home office is perfect for tea breaks. All you have to do is step out of your office, and you’re in the fresh air and out among nature. And you might find you’re tempted to take a power nap.
  • Outdoor entertainment space. Wave goodbye to garden chairs sinking into the grass and rain-ruined al fresco BBQs. Solid decking and a timber canopy means you can wine, dine and party in all weathers - you’ve even got a dance floor.
  • Get the family outside. Turn your sheltered outdoor space into a cosy family chill-out zone, with comfy sofas, LED lighting and music. With children and young people spending less and less time outside these days, what better way to get them out into the fresh air and develop their social skills?
  • Experience the elements. A canopy doesn’t just offer protection from the sun. It creates an all-weather space. If you wrap up warm, you can enjoy the autumn breeze, winter sunsets and the soothing sound of rain on the canopy roof. Getting out into the elements is a great way to relax with family and friends, or alone, with a good book or your thoughts.
  • An eye-catching garden aesthetic. An elegant timber addition to the exterior of your garden building can add a striking look to your garden design. All our garden buildings are built to the highest specification with unique contemporary designs. The addition of a canopy offers further potential to connect the building with surrounding nature.
Proline 2.9m x 2.3m + Canopy & Decking.

And there are other practical benefits of adding decking and a canopy:

  • Keep the mud outside with floor mats and shoe brushes.
  • Hang wet coats and umbrellas outside the garden building.
  • Work outside but without computer screen glare.
  • Open the door for ventilation without letting the rain and wind in.

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