Green Roofs

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional roofing materials for your log cabin, garden office, workshop, studio or garage then look no further!

Our range of quality Log Cabins  Garages and Garden Offices are offered with the option of a stylish and sustainable living green sedum roof.  A green sedum roof will give great pleasure to watch as it grows and develops, and is very long lasting when properly cared for. For garden offices or garden studios, used throughout the year, a green roof will offer excellent insulation properties, reducing the power required for heating and air-conditioning. A green roof also absorbs rainwater and, importantly, attracts beneficial wildlife such as butterfiles, ladybirds & bees.

Mr T, from London: "I am delighted with my green roof.  As a professional artist it is important that my studio has a stable temperature all year round to prevent damage to my work.  The insulation properties have been far better than I imagined".

Benefits of a Green Roof:

Can help to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere
A haven for wildlife
Suitable for sun or partial shade
Improved temperature regulation and thermal insulation (cool in summer - warm in winter) thus reducing the power required for heating an air-conditioning
Designed to outlast traditional roofing materials
A good sound insulator
Frost hardy


Weight per sq m : 42kg
Extensive Green Roof System
Sedum varieties include album, acre, reflexum, sexangulare, spurium
Specially developed sedum roof mats for strength & mositure regulation
All year round colour

Designing & Installing your green roof

A green roof must be specified at the design stage of your log cabin to enable us to manufacture with the correct pitch and additional strengthening.  The maximum roof angle for our green roofs is 18 degrees for a ridge roof.

Our installation team will take care of the whole project.  Fitting is carried out by a 4 person team due to the weight of the materials.  Log Cabins with internal canopies must have post supports.  (Our green roofs are not suitable for Log Cabins with projected canopies). A waterproof membrane (EPDM) with drainage outlet (ideal for rainwater harvesting) will be fitted.  Importance is given to the adhesion of the membrane ensuring it will last as long as the cabin and provide a safe surface on which to install your green roof, for future maintenance and aftercare work. On top of the waterproof membranes, a blanket of moisture retentive fleece is installed to ensure a steady supply of water to the roots and prevent water run off.  Additional blanket is laid over the apex of the roof. On log cabins, timber fascia and bargeboards are fitted to provide an attractive finish.


All pricing is inclusive of VAT and is based upon the standard floor area.  Just ask for a quote.

Green Roof Care and Maintenance

Your Green Roof will provide an attractive, low maintenance feature for years to come!

Watering will be required, especially during periods of dry weather
A slow release granular fertiliser applied in Spring is all that is required
From time to time weeds will sow themselves within the sedum, these are easily removed throughout the year
When our team install we aim for a 95% coverage, bare patches will soon be covered as the sedum grows and establishes itself

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What our customers say

“Just to say the installer guys have been fantastic today and our neighbours response so far has been one of jealousy (in a nice way). The team are a…”

Mr Wilson - Trowbridge, Wiltshire

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