His & Hers Garden Building

two timber buildings in the garden

After Mr & Mrs Castle purchased two separate Linea garden buildings, we checked in to see how they were getting on with their new his & hers garden rooms.

Why two separate rooms?

One large building can often be overbearing or impractical, and when we asked Mr Castle why they had chosen to have two separate buildings, he replied "Getting two buildings worked perfectly because we still had space to park our vehicles and if we'd gone for a larger building, we would have lost not just one, but two parking spaces."

"Having two buildings of the same colour externally makes it blend through the garden quite nicely."

Left building: 3.5m x 2.5m Linea. Right building: 2.75m x 2.2m Linea.

Garden room vs home extension

We asked Mr Castle, why a garden building, and why choose Garden Affairs? "We can say that basically, the reason was, we’d been to your show site before. We did actually have a look around. This was a comeback from a point where we were going to extend the rear of the property. To be quite honest, it wasn’t going to work very well and I don’t like changing properties. We got both Linea rooms for about the same price as we would have had an extension on just the living room. So from a cost-benefit basis, it was very nice. The great thing is, we’ve got full access to it, and when you don’t need the space, you can just close the doors."

Inside the 3.5m x 2.5m Linea.

Choice of building

You've chosen two Linea garden buildings...no overhang, fully insulated buildings, why choose the Linea? Mr Castle responded "Well that's it, simple as that, and the fit and finish. The great thing was the buildings you had on display had been on display for some time, which does enable you to judge their life as well, which again is important. It’s enough to fork out and you do want to get value for the cost."

"We’ve installed a little oil radiator, about 750w. It doesn’t come on all day and the building will stay at about 20°c, and that’s during the winter. Everything's good, no dampness in here, no problem."

Inside the 2.75m x 2.2m Linea.

A little something extra

The Castle's also purchased a third structure. A small custom-made garden storage unit made out of the same timber and painted in the same colour. We asked Mr Caslte how he had used the storage unit. "The storeroom has never been used for its intended purpose. The great thing about it is, it’s

waterproof, dampproof, and everything-proof, so you end up using it as an enormous storage bin. It’s a lovely bit of kit and the build quality is really good.

The ordering & installation process

We asked Mr Castle how he found the process of ordering and installation to be. "It went very smoothly. We visited the show site quite a few times. We had a look around first. Then we came in and had a chat, so several visits before we actually started. You don’t know what you want, right until the very end. There are also questions of if this is really what you want to do."

"The installation took about a week, and they did a very good job. I was very pleased with the way that they worked. I don’t think I even had a question. It was so, so simple, which is what you want."

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