Garden art studio, the perfect place to relax and create

When artists Ingrid Johannesson and James Hourigan moved from their East London home to Bath, they wanted a self-contained space to pursue their passion. We asked them to share with us why they chose a Garden Affairs garden building for their new art studio.

5m x 2.5m log cabin + 4m x 3m log cabin connected by a 3m x 2.5m solid back roof covering

What did you use for your studio in London?

Our old house had a very small summerhouse in the garden. We shared the space, which was about 3m x 2m. 

What made you decide on a garden room for your new studio? 

We dreamed of each having our own space to create and relax, and enjoy our hobbies in our new garden. I make small ceramic items, as well as ceramic bowls and larger sculptures. James was doing stone carving in relief and has recently begun ceramics too. We also needed a garden shed for tools, as gardening and growing vegetables is a passion we share.


Why a Garden Affairs building?

We visited Garden Affairs in Trowbridge to view the garden rooms on display and were impressed by the quality of the builds and the service of the staff. We also liked being able to decide for ourselves on the design, size, finish, roof, doors and windows etc. 

What influenced your choice of building?

We wanted three individual spaces: one for each of us, plus the shed. And we also needed an open, under-cover space for a kiln and stone carving workbench. We liked the solid wood walls, the sturdy doors and windows, and being able to determine the size and shape of each space ourselves. 

The garden room arrived flat-packed, which meant all the parts could be carried down the narrow side of the house, into the back garden.

We were also able to choose a living sedum roof on the slightly sloping roof of the building. This is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, as it changes with the seasons, and is also a benefit to nature.  

A green sedum roof covers the black EPDM rubber roof.

What are the main benefits of using the garden room as your studio?

  • The joy of being able to work in a space that is separate from our home.
  • Being able to leave unfinished work safe and sound.
  • The great tranquillity in our garden room - it’s a pleasure going there to create and relax each day. 

What do you like most about using your new space?

We love our garden rooms. We couldn’t imagine life without them! They offer tranquil space to create and work, and they offer another world for us, surrounded by peace, bird song, a mini wildflower meadow and fruit trees. A dream come true!

See James & Ingrid's work:

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