Small Space Garden Office Solutions

An office-based in your home or a hobby area that’s bursting at the seams can be stressful. It stops you from working efficiently and stops you from enjoying precious leisure time. The answer may lie outdoors in the shape of a well-designed, affordable garden office offering space, calm and order. Easy if your garden is spacious. If it’s a tiny urban courtyard, don’t despair! Even the smallest garden can accommodate a surprisingly spacious outdoor room if you approach the task in the right way...

Choose the right position for a garden office in a confined space

Linea Contemporary Garden Studio
Small Linea garden office under 2.5m high with no roof overhang - place close to your boundary to maximise space

Consider a small corner garden office to maximise space. A corner door provides an attractive flow to the building, and planting and landscaping in front of a building will help it fit naturally into its surroundings. Even plants in pots will break up the line of a building and help to reduce the impact of height. 

For long narrow gardens, you can add high-level windows to maximise natural light. All our buildings are custom designed to fit exactly into the space available. 

Ensure you fit in with planning regulations

When installing a garden office in a small space, it’s normally necessary to position it as close to the boundary or fence as possible. In England, remember that in most instances, if you are placing the building within 2 metres of the boundary, and you do not wish to apply for planning permission, the building should be less than 2.5m tall. This is plenty high enough for a comfortable office or hobby room with tall shelving, no restriction at the eaves. Outside, a flat or sloping roof looks clean and contemporary.

Mini Garden Office

Mini Garden Office 1.8m x 2.4m

Often in a small garden, a garden building is close to the house, so when you look out of an upstairs window you have a bird’s eye view of the roof. You have a choice of roof finishes from attractive, high quality felt shingle to beautiful cedar shingle tiles. To really improve the view, a flat or gently sloping roof can be covered with a waterproof rubber membrane and finished with a living sedum roof. It’s a wildlife habitat, a rainwater soak-up and you get back the garden space you’ve given up – on the roof!

Painting and maintaining your garden office

If the garden office is being placed near a wall or fence, consider a pre-painted building, so you won’t have to struggle to get around the sides for painting, (but do make sure you leave just enough room for future maintenance.)  A well-maintained garden office can add an attractive focal point and sense of purpose to a small outside space, helping to enhance the value of your home as a whole.

Other things to think about

Think about how you’ll use the room now, and in the future. If it’s going to be a garden office or studio, you’ll need to consider insulation, double glazing and the provision of electrics so you can enjoy your workspace all year round. This will also make your room usable in future as a guest space, a teen den or a retirement hobby room, both for you and potential future residents of your home.

Timber garden building by Garden Affairs

Linea garden office Linea 3.5m x 3.5m

Door and window security is important if you’re keeping IT or other equipment in the building. Rest assured, our garden rooms benefit from high-quality locks & door furniture with multi-point locking and security hinges fitted as standard. It's also a good idea to think about putting up blinds or curtains at the windows to screen valuables.

Clean path access between the house and outdoor building helps, especially if kids are using it. So you may want to think about adding a path or stepping stones, both will add an interesting feature to the garden and draw the eye to your lovely garden room!

Small spaces demand multi-function solutions. If you have to lose your existing shed, why not have a combined garden room with a shed partition? Or if you’d like to combine a workspace with enjoying the outdoors, a surrounding deck area, covered veranda or linked pergola might be the answer. Take a look at our log cabins pages for ideas.

Garden Room

Tips for buying

Our expertise lies in our ability to design the right garden office for you. Over the years we have been tasked with finding a number of ingenious solutions for our clients. As the first point of call, we would always recommend a visit to our display site which will provide some inspiring examples to get you started.

Come armed with pictures of your garden and measurements of the space available if you can. Make a note of any delivery or access issues, as this may affect the recommended design. A log cabin construction will fit through a house where a panel construction may not.

Enjoy your new space and your enhanced garden!

What our customers say...

“I can't thank you and your team enough. We are very happy with the building. From the start to the end of the process we have been well looked after.”

Mr Logan - Oxfordshire

“Amazing service! Fabulous team, superb workmanship and a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended you!”

Mrs Edwards - Bicester

“The building looks gorgeous. I cannot wait to use it! The team were excellent, efficient, polite and hard working.”

Mrs Barnett - London

“ Just a brief note to say how pleased we are with our two buildings. A big thank you to the installers for their hard work in horrible conditions on a couple of days. They never stopped smiling through it all and were polite and professional. We have already recommended you to one friend, and will continue to do so to our friends and neighbours. They're all planning to come over to have a look!”

Mr & Mrs Graham - Warminster

“ Many thanks indeed for a great job - the installation yesterday went very smoothly and we are delighted with the building. Just a final word to say that your installation team are an absolute credit to you - what a great bunch of guys! All the best and thank you again Sue xxx”

Mrs Prain - Gloucestershire

“ Thank you for all your advice on this project. Your team did a great job and the completed cabin lived up to our expectations. When we came to see you in Trowbridge it was the quality of your cabins that impressed us and you have achieved it.”

Peter Hall - Farnham, Surrey