Garden Offices - 10 Reasons to buy

garden studioAbove our client Max Ryan in her log cabin art school

If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions about saving money and doing good things for yourself and your family, read on. The best resolution you can make is to invest in a garden office, hobby room or workshop this year. Here are ten good reasons why!

1. A garden office means a better work-life balance. All those hours you spend commuting could be spent with the family, keeping things in order, keeping healthy and indulging your own interests. Result: a calmer, more fulfilled you and a feeling that you’re more on top of things next year.

garden office

2. You could achieve some of this with an office in your home, but not keeping things in order! Shared space is a recipe for clutter. Creating a dedicated, separate work space in a garden room keeps things tidy and ensures you’re effective at work. The same goes for crafts, hobbies and projects: a garden room keeps things separate. Result: less clutter, better organisation and more efficiency.

3. The same is true in reverse of course. Your kit and caboodle mixed up with the laundry is helping nobody, and it can make you feel you can never escape from work. A little separation is ideal to keep you and everyone in your family sane. Result: the work day begins and ends when you say, you feel in control, and your family gets shot of you for a few hours! 

4. New year, healthy you? Timber buildings are better for your body and spirit than your average steel, brick and plasterboard, and miles better than air conditioned sick buildings. They help to keep temperature and humidity levels even, discourage dust and mould spores, and wooden surroundings are shown to have beneficial effects on symptoms of stress. Result: we can’t promise you a stress-free new year, but a garden cabin can help make you feel and cope better.

garden officeAbove our Mini Garden Office or Studio, perfect for one person 

5. Prices for garden buildings start surprisingly low for smaller garden offices or summer houses. Even grander designs are much cheaper than the equivalent extension and so much easier to plan. Result: they can be designed, built and attractively accessorised in the time it takes just to file a planning application for a new room on your house, and for much less cost. 

6. On the subject of economy, if you’re self-employed or have a small business, compare the installation and running costs of a garden office to the equivalent space in a rented office. It’s difficult to get space even in a new business incubator for less than £300 per desk per month. Result: for two desks your lovely new garden office could pay for itself in its first year alone. 

garden studioAbove our customer Una Cavanagh - who runs her counselling business from a garden cabin

7. And for another cost reduction, if you currently work from home and have the central heating on all day, heating just one snug space during working hours could save you a fortune. Our garden offices are double glazed and can be built with extra insulation. Result: those heating bills go even lower.

8. A garden cabin has the brilliant benefit of being a multi-use space. Not only could a garden office become a workshop or leisure room later, but you can design one which has more than one room and multiple functions right now – a shed area, a gym, a garage, a workshop, a hobby room, an office, a summerhouse… Result: you can choose the functions you want and combine them in one timber building.

gym garden room

9. Still thinking about cost effectiveness? Good for you. If your business is VAT registered you can claim back the VAT on the  installation cost and some fixtures and fittings in your garden office. Office premises don’t usually qualify in your capital allowance against corporation tax, but some fixtures and fittings do including installing utilities, so have a chat to your accountant. Or you may decide it’s better for your business circumstances for your household to charge rent to your business for use of the garden room. Result: either way it’s a great way to offset the costs of a garden office.

10. Let’s go right back to the start and remember that resolutions (at any time of year) are supposed to be about doing good things for yourself. Saving money, saving time and keeping work and home separate are all important benefits, but creating your very own working space is more fulfilling than just achieving these. Your garden office is yours, and you can design it just for you. It’s outdoors, close to nature but with all the comforts of indoors. And your timber office can be a very beautiful building which makes you happy every time you see it. All this and cost savings too.

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NEW: Proline Garden Rooms

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Build a gym in your garden

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What our customers say

“Just a note at the end of the summer to say how much pleasure the summerhouse has given this year ... Due to your careful considerations re size and position and the excellent crew who put it all…”

Mr & Mrs Major, Gloucestershire

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What our customers say...

“Thank you for a super garden office. I especially want to say thank you to your installation team - I thought they did an excellent & professional job. I particular liked how they went about the task in a very methodical and efficient way - please pass on my thanks. A really good decision to go for a "turn key" purchase.”

Mr Stone - Stanmore, Harrow

“Just to say we are absolutely thrilled with the studio it looks fantastic ! We were amazed at how quickly it went up. Can I also compliment your team who were extremely professional , knowledgeable and hard working - even up on the roof in the pouring rain. It was pleasure to have them around. Again, many thanks for such a fabulous service from beginning to end - we're really looking forward to moving into our new garden retreat !”

Mr & Mrs Grace, Bristol

“We have no hesitation in recommending your company, and it's products, to friends. We are thrilled with the summerhouse your "boys" erected this week. The team were courteous, polite, worked well to-gether and were very grateful of any "tit bits" given them! In fact a pleasure to have in our garden. Not to be confused with the birds!! We have no hesitation in recommending your company, and it's products, to friends.”

Mr & Mrs D, Cirencester

“Thank you for your patience and attention to detail, both of which have been exemplary. ”

Mr L, Cumbria

“ Amazing job. Great team. Quick, friendly, tidy. A pleasure to have them around. Building is way beyond expectations - brilliant - thanks.”

Rupert Miles - Bristol

“Just to say the building is now up and it looks wonderful - the quality and finish is excellent - we will certainly use your company again for any small or bespoke buildings that we require and will recommend you to anyone who asks.”

Lagganlia Centre for Outdoor Learning