Four ways a garden gym will help you get fit and stay fit

It’s a new year and a new start, with new opportunities to make positive changes to your life. You’ve committed to making 2022 the year for taking physical fitness seriously.

You may have dusted off the old rowing machine, bought yourself a Peloton, or just invested in some new running shoes.

We wish you the best of luck with your new year’s fitness resolutions.

But it’s notoriously hard to stick to commitments to get back in shape. The novelty wears off, the initially steep achievement curve starts to flatten, and it becomes increasingly hard to keep up those all-important motivation levels.

So why is it so hard to stick to commitments and reach the goals we’ve set ourselves? One reason is lack of accountability: it doesn’t really matter if you go back to the bad old days of chocolate and regret, so when things start to get painful or boring, it’s easy just to give up.

So why not try something different this year to stay committed to your goals? Why not invest in a garden gym?

Gym equipment in a log cabin

Garden log cabin gym interior.

That way, every time you look out of the kitchen window, you’ll be reminded of the financial commitment you’ve made to your wellbeing, and it will be virtually impossible for you to skive from your new fitness regime.

And anyway, your new gym will be mere footsteps away.

1. Get into a new fitness mindset.

Getting fit needs to be fun, not a chore you dread. By installing a gym in your garden, doing exercise will become so easy and convenient it will become a part of your everyday life.

You won’t have to psych yourself up for the drama of getting ready for the gym, because there is it at the bottom of the garden.

And you won’t need to worry about losing a big chunk of your day: with your own always-available garden gym, you can exercise in short bursts, popping out for a quick fifteen minutes on the cross-trainer whenever it suits you.

Doing exercise little and often could be the ideal way to help it become part of your daily routine.

And if you’re put off from going to the gym because you don’t like exercising in a sweaty, noisy, crowded room – surrounded by physiques that make you feel inadequate, having your own private space is another perfect way of getting into a new fitness mindset..Home garden gym setup

Proline garden gym room interior - 4.56m wide x 3.46m deep.

2. A hassle-free solution for your busy life.

A fitness room of your own offers you the chance to take back control of your exercise regime. No more long commutes and exorbitant membership fees (all the more exorbitant if you pay them but don’t actually use the facilities).

Of course, there’s an initial financial outlay when you install a gym in your garden. But the investment will soon start to pay itself back. Think of all the time you’ll save commuting to and from the gym, and the travel costs and gym charges you’ll no longer incur.

Having a gym in your garden gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, without commuting. And, most importantly, you get to select the TV channel!

Choose wisely and your garden gym will easily meet the standards you’d expect from a professional gym: there’s no point having a garden gym if you get a lower quality workout than you could get elsewhere.

All our buildings have heavy-duty floor joists, which are perfect for taking the weight of benches, racks, spin bikes and cross-trainers.

We design our internal floors to be very strong. The 21mm tongue and groove timbers are robust enough to handle the most energetic of workouts, and our laminate flooring is easy to clean.

If you plan on using free weights, you should invest in commercial gym flooring. This will protect the timbers and reduce noise. You can buy rubber or foam gym matting online. It’s cheap and easy to fit.

Garden gym room - Proline

Proline garden gym room exterior - 4.56m wide x 3.46m deep.

3. A garden gym room to be used for years to come.

Our quality garden buildings are made to last, so you’ll be investing in something that will be around for years to come.

You can give up on your gym membership, you can allow your new trainers to sit unused in the bedroom cupboard. But you won’t be able to ignore this stunning architectural addition to your garden. Your new garden room will be constantly calling you to come and exercise within its sustainably-sourced timber walls.

And even if you do eventually decide to abandon your quest for the perfect physique, your financial input will not be wasted: our buildings are incredibly versatile. You could use your garden room for any number of other purposes, from a home yoga or pottery studio to a teen den or home office.

And, as your garden gym can be built under 2.5m high, you won’t generally need to apply for planning permission. There are exceptions, like if your house is listed, but generally, no applications to the council are needed.

If your gym is within 2m of your boundary, you can only have a maximum roof height of 2.5m. But if you bring the building further into your garden, there are fewer height restrictions.

Which is a good thing, as a higher ceiling will give you more exercise room. One of our pitched roof buildings would be an ideal choice with its airy and light interior.

3m high garden gym log cabin

3m high pitched roof log cabin with additional storage - 5.5m wide x 3m deep.

4. Think of the financials.

Do away with monthly membership fees and additional petrol costs for good!

Of course, a garden gym room will require a one-off bulk payment. But you’ll never need to pay again. And the value-added to your property from a new garden room could add as much as 5% to your house value, effectively paying off the investment.

For more information on our range of garden buildings and advice on the best solution for your garden gym, please contact us online, visit our Trowbridge show site, or call us on 01225 774566

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