8 ways a garden gym room will keep you physically & financially fit!

Don’t you envy the joggers and gym bunnies? The Sunday cyclists and iron people? The exercise junkies who seem to work out because it’s part of their DNA?

How do they do it? How do they fit fitness around all the other stuff going on in their lives, while the rest of us can’t even find the time or motivation to click on our local gym’s ‘Join Today’ button?

Making exercise easy and convenient is the first step to making it part of our every day lives. But it’s not only inconvenience that puts people off getting down the gym. Most gyms just aren’t that nice. Sweaty, noisy, crowded - and inevitably full of people who make you feel inadequate.

garden yoga studio

So how does this sound: open your back door, take a few steps across the garden, and walk straight into your very own gym? No transport, no membership fees, no muscle envy. Just you and your very own tailor-made fitness space. 

If you enjoy exercising on your own, and have the discipline to put aside a regular time-slot to work out, then a garden gym could be right for you.

And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s a genuinely affordable alternative to lying on the couch full of chocolate and regret.

Here are eight reasons why a garden gym room could make sense to your physical and financial well-being. 

 1.                  Strong and spacious

There’s no point having a garden gym if you get a lower quality workout than you’d get in a commercial gym. So you need room for all your equipment, a decent space for floor exercise and stretching, and a robust enough structure to hold the weight of your equipment.

A garden gym room is an ideal solution. All Garden Affairs buildings have heavy-duty floor joists, which are perfect for taking the weight of benches, racks, spin bikes and cross-trainers. And we can add extra joists at the design stage if you have any really heavy equipment. 

garden gym room

We design our internal floors to be very strong. The 21mm tongue & groove timbers are robust enough to handle the most energetic of work-outs, and our laminate flooring is easy to clean. 

If you plan on using free weights, you should invest in commercial gym flooring. This will protect the timbers and reduce noise. You can buy rubber or foam gym matting on-line. It’s cheap and easy to fit. 

2.                  Perspire in private

What a relief to be exercising and not be under the watchful gaze of strangers (or, perish the thought, friends or work colleagues). A garden gym allows you to be as grungy, clumsy and sweaty as you like, all in the privacy of your own space, and with your dignity intact. 

It may be tempting to install wall-to-wall glass, but spare a though for your neighbours. You don’t really want them snooping on your Zumba cardio workout - not until you’ve perfected all the moves, anyway. So it may be worth considering frosted glass or high-level windows to protect your privacy.

3.                  Flexible temperature control

A well-constructed garden gym will allow you to exercise in comfort all year round. It’s easy to install power, which offers you a range of heating and cooling options. Temperature control is crucial - you don’t want your gym to be either an ice-house or a sauna.

We make sure our garden rooms are well insulated. They stay cool in summer and are easy to heat in winter. So no huge bills.

garden gym

If you want, you can install heating and cooling units to give you optimum training conditions - as well as other equipment to bring the gym up to your desired specification: a fridge for cold drinks, and entertainment systems to keep you up-beat with motivational music and video.

You can watch training videos too, and try out new things you’d never have dreamed of doing with everyone in the gym watching. Or simply catch up on your favourite TV series, and get fit at the same time. 

4.                  Safe and secure

Security is paramount. You’ll have invested a lot in equipment, and you’ll want to be able to sleep easy at night when the gym’s unattended. Putting up blinds in all windows will help conceal what’s inside from prying eyes.

We don't make it easy for unwanted visitors to gain entry. All our buildings have multi-point locking and Euro-standard door locks. Window and door glass is double-glazed and can be toughened.

But nothing will put off a persistent intruder, so it makes sense to think about installing a security system for full peace of mind.

5.                  Easy to install

If you’re a DIY enthusiast and on a tight budget, we can deliver the building in kit form and leave it to you to assemble yourself. We include easy-to-follow instructions, and one of our team of expert installers is always on the end of the phone if you need help.

It’s actually simpler to put up a garden gym room than you might think, and with some basic tools and a bit of perseverance, you’ll have it up in a jiffy. Well, allow yourself a long weekend. We can also offer assembly videos for various aspects of the build.

For those who prefer an easier life, you can opt for a full installation service, and preserve your energy for the exercise bike. Just leave it to us. From laying the concrete base to slotting in the final piece of tongue and groove flooring, we’ll sort it.

Garden Affairs installation

6.                  Designed by us for you

One of the most important things to think about when designing your garden gym is the equipment you’re going to install. The more kit, the bigger the space you’ll need. Don’t skimp on floor space.

And you need to think about ceiling space too. Remember, you’ll be stretching upwards and lifting weights above your head. Putting cross-trainers and spin bikes will also have an impact on ceiling and roof height, as they elevate you when you use them. Getting this right is vital - working out is hard enough without banging your head.

Chances are you’ll comfortably fit your gym equipment into one of our 5m x 5m buildings, but if you need to go bigger or higher, you can. We make our buildings to the size and style you like. Bring photos of your garden, and share your ideas with us for how you want to use your garden gym. Our experts will advise you, and come up with ideas of their own.

You’ll end up with the ideal space for your fitness needs, the size and style of gym room you want. A bespoke product, but not at a bespoke price.

7.                  Hassle-free planning consents

If you need to apply for planning permission to put up your garden room gym, it’s very easy to do on-line, and we’ll produce the plans you’ll need to accompany your application.

In most cases, you can put up a garden building without getting planning permission. There are exceptions, like if your house is listed, but generally, no applications to the council are needed.

If your gym is within two meters of your boundary, you can only have a maximum roof height of 2.5 metres. But if you bring the building further into your garden, there aren’t any height restrictions or planning permission requirements.

Which is a good thing as a higher ceiling will give you more exercise room. One of our pitched roof buildings like the California Cabin would be an ideal choice with its airy and light interior.

8.                  Think outside the box

You don’t just have to use your garden room as a gym.

If you design your space creatively and flexibly (we’ll help), you can get lots of other use out of it: you could use it for yoga, meditation, pilates….  And if you’ve given yourself enough space, you could even run classes and make a business out of it.

Or how about hiring the space out to yoga teachers for their classes? Or to personal trainers to run one-on-one training sessions with clients, rather than having to rent space in a crowded gym? The possibilities are endless.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re designing a garden gym. Our customer galleries  may give you some ideas and inspiration. And a visit to our display centre is well worth the time so you can experience the quality of our buildings close up.

Investing in an outdoor gym room: a sensible choice.

  • No travel time (or cost)
  • Save £££ on gym fees
  • 24/7 access: achieve your fitness goals faster
  • Save time: work out before work
  • Free up space in the house: no more spin bikes in the bedroom
  • Exercise in private: no more smug onlookers
  • Exercise in comfort: insulation keeps you at the right temperature
  • Open the windows and enjoy fresh air and views
  • Turn fitness into a business: offer private sessions
  • Flexible space: add a chill-out space for the kids
  • Add a side canopy for outdoor workouts


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