Looking for a Painted Summerhouse?

A Luxury painted summerhouse makes for a beautiful standout architectural feature in the garden as well as a tranquil space to relax. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting in a luxury-painted summerhouse and looking out over your garden and flower borders.

painted summerhouse
3m x 3m Painted Summerhouse

Choosing your Summerhouse colour

Dark colours will make your summerhouse recede into the background and a lighter colour will make your summerhouse stand out.

Green-painted summerhouses in an olive or sage colour blend in perfectly with foliage whilst a black or dark grey painted summerhouse will make any planting in front appear more vibrant and vivid.

White of light-painted summerhouses stand out and make a strong feature or focal point to draw the eye.

Summerhouses normally have plenty of glass so internally it works well to maintain the same colour internally as externally.

painted summerhouse
2.5m x 2.5m Octagonal Painted Summerhouse

Choosing your summerhouse roof colour

Summerhouses roofs come in different shapes and sizes and can be finished with a variety of roofing materials. The most popular summerhouse roof covering is felt shingle which is available in five colours. Black shingle resembles slate and works with any colour of painted summerhouse. Brown shingles work well with white and cream-painted summerhouses. Blue shingles are great for a seaside colour theme. Red shingles are a strong colour that works well with browns and wood stain finishes and finally, Green shingles work well with woodland backgrounds.

Alternative options are Cedar shingles which give an extra touch of luxury and tradition to any colour of painted summerhouse.

Artificial slate roofs are dark grey to black in colour and work well on pyramid or hipped roof shapes.

Henley Summerhouse
Painted Summerhouse with Red Shingles

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Buy a painted summerhouse or paint yourself.

Our summerhouses are available pre-painted or you can choose to paint your summerhouse yourself. A factory-painted summerhouse comes with the peace of mind of a high-quality, water-based, paint finish on top of preservative-treated timber. Available in a wide variety of colours that will last for years. Because components are painted before assembly, you’ll get peace of mind that all the important areas are well-treated and painted.

The water-based paints used are naturally low in VOCs and are micro-porous allowing the wood to breathe.

If you choose to paint your summerhouse yourself, we can provide advice and recommendations on the best paints and treatments to use.

3.5m Painted Summerhouse

The perfect location for your painted summerhouse

Once you have decided on the perfect spot for your summerhouse pick a subtle colour to blend with the setting - or choose a bright colour to make a statement, it’s up to you!

Choose from a wide range of coloured paint finishes for each of our summerhouse ranges as well as a range of stain finishes for a natural look too. 

Painted Summerhouse by Chelsea Summerhouses

Our British-made Chelsea range of summerhouses come in a variety of sizes & styles. The beautiful designs are handmade in Western Red Cedar & can be pre-painted in different colours inside and out, from a lovely palette of traditional summerhouse paint colours, or choose your own colour match. 

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