Inspiring ideas for styling your garden office interior.

A garden office is the perfect way to work from home. You avoid the time-consuming, polluted commute and bleak corporate workspace, but still get your own dedicated space away from the distractions of afternoon telly and folding up the laundry!

And since you’ve invested in your own space, why not spend some time turning it into a place you’ll love to be? Working from a garden office (even if it’s only for part of the week) doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style!

garden office interior Scandi style
Inside a Proline 2.9m x 2.9m

An inviting, thoughtfully-styled space will inspire you to work.

The more comfortable, stylish and inviting you make your office, the more time you’ll want to spend there - which is bound to have a positive impact on your motivation and productivity.

Decide on your style

Whether you prefer modern clean lines, cool Scandi or country chic, a garden office is your chance to express yourself. And you don’t have to tie the styling in with the rest of your house, or even align it with your family’s tastes if you prefer not to. In a dedicated space set apart from the house, you can let your imagination run wild and create a style that’s unique to you. 

Many of our garden office customers come to us for this very reason. They want a place of their own, that they can put their own mark on - a place they can take themselves away to, switch easily to work mode, and be inspired and motivated to work. A garden office is your chance to be creative and express your identity.

A place for your precious collections

One of our clients, a University professor, whose huge collection of books was putting a strain on his marriage (a case of ‘It’s me or the books!’), came to us for advice on how to move his office and library out of the house. He now has a cosy home office cabin with purpose-built shelving for his books, a pair of comfy chairs and a large desk. He spends most of his time deep in academic research. And his wife is happy too! 

garden office library
Timber is the perfect choice for preserving precious collections of books.

All our garden buildings are manufactured from PEFC, breathable timber, so there’s no risk of dampness penetrating the structure and damaging your documents, work files and books. 

Contemporary Crittal cool

crittal style windows
Proline 2.9m x 2.3m Interior Uncluttered shelves create style, space and a sense of calm.

The contemporary vibe of this garden office starts with the on-trend, Crittal-style windows. The distinctive black frames immediately signal a departure from what you’d expect in most offices. The drama of the windows is set off subtly by the soft white of the tongue and groove walls, while the desk and shelving unit match the straight black lines of the windows and doors. The interior has a distinctly geometric, Bauhaus style, with retro chairs in bright pops of colour added for relaxing. Stationery not only serves a practical purpose, but looks good on display shelves.   

Garden Office Interior
A tall lamp adds height to the interior and is practical for reading and studying. 

Prima Mini Offices: style for one

Mini Garden Office Pod Interior
deal for solo working, the Prima Mini Office is roomier than you might think

Measuring only 2.4m x 1.8m, the Prima Mini Office is the perfect size for one person. This compact garden office is surprisingly spacious and can be configured with doors and windows wherever you want them. 

The benefit of a smaller workspace is that there’s little room for distraction. To create a sense of space, this interior scheme keeps it simple, with white walls and shelving. Small cupboards and desk drawers avoid visual clutter, with the external spaces sparsely furnished. The Pod feels open and bright, a truly purposeful working environment. 

Mini Garden Office Pod Interior
1.8m x 2.4m Prima Mini Office Interior

Tall, feature plants adds an elegant asymmetry and height to the space. As well as being visually appealing, research suggests plants reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity. And, as they photosynthesise their way through the day, they’re cleaning the air, making your office a healthier place to work. Just don’t forget to feed and water them from time to time, you don’t want them handing in their notice!

A bright canvas adds warmth and colour. Note how you can add interest to your space with quirky clocks and good-looking tall storage, with splashes of bold colour.  A bright, circular rug adds warmth and texture and breaks up the rectangular lines. 

Cool interiors, Scandi style

Proline garden office interior scandi
Proline 2.9m x 2.9m

 The calmness and serenity of this neutral scheme is sure to increase productivity!

Your garden office needs to create a working atmosphere that suits your temperament. Bright, punchy colours may be what you need to tap into your warrior spirit. But those of a more tranquil disposition will prefer the cool simplicity of a Scandi-themed interior.

Scandinavian design trends are very popular. White simplicity is key. What’s better for the soul than working in a calm, neutral space, offset with natural accessories such as pine cones and plants? A sheepskin blanket tossed over the back of the chair adds softness, comfort and warmth, creating a space everyone would want to be in.

We see in this Scandi interior, warm, wood effect laminate flooring, a wooden desk, white walls and baskets woven with natural fibres. It all speaks of no-fuss minimalism, an aesthetic that allows the space to speak for itself, using light, and nature’s own textures.

Log cabin luxury

log cabin garden office interior
With their natural, warm wooden walls, log cabins are perfect for a home office.

Retreating into the cosy warmth of a log cabin conjures up illusions of stepping off the slopes for a spot of après-ski in a snow-clad Alpine resort. But what if the illusion could be recreated in a back garden in Bath?

Create a home from home

Well, here it is. The interior of this log cabin we built for one of our local customers, is a real home-from-home. The combination of honey-coloured timber-clad walls, warm lighting and deep red furnishings, create that instant curl-up-with-a-good-book fireside vibe.

But it’s also a hub of economic activity, with ample space for the owner’s desk and chair, and a comfy seat for client consultations. And, while it may look rustic, this cabin is reassuringly modern, with fully insulated roof and floor, and double-glazed windows and doors. Its super-thick 70mm solid timber walls provide increased warmth in winter, and keep the place nice and cool in summer, making it a comfortable and stylish place to work. 

Styling your garden office is all about creating an ambience that draws you in and keeps you there, focused and content. In this space, the owner has created a space for relaxation as well as work, meaning he can take regular breaks without having to leave the cabin. Cosy throws have been added to soften the look. All that is needed to complete it is an accent colour on one or two of the walls - and a pair of slippers and a piping hot cup of coffee!

Bright red chairs and rugs create a warm and inviting feel. Purpose-built shelves house the owner’s book collections. Family photos and ornaments bring a bit of home into the workplace.

Finishing touches

garden office

The more of your own personality you can bring to your cabin, the happier and more productive you’re likely to be. Think about: ·

  • your favourite art on the wall
  • posters in frames & wall hangings
  • funky curtains and blinds
  • lighting to create mood; lighting to work under; outdoor lighting
  • a desk on wheels so you can easily rearrange the office lay-out and stay fresh
  • dispensing with chairs – standing up to work is good for posture and fitness
  • plants, more plants, and a vase of flowers
  • a drinks trolley – stay hydrated and maybe have a tipple after hours.

And if none of these ideas float your boat, think about calling in the experts to help create your vision. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Bath or Bristol area, then Helen Silver at the property styling company has the professional expertise, experience and creative vision to achieve the look you want or create something you haven’t thought of.

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