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Log cabin on a slope

If you're in the market for a quality log cabin for your garden, look no further than Garden Affairs. With over 20 years of experience, Garden Affairs is the go-to log cabin supplier for custom designs. Here are some of the key reasons why Garden Affairs should be your first choice for a bespoke log cabin.

Expert help in cabin design

We offer Log Cabin configurator software tools to enable you to design your own log cabin. Our configurators provide estimated costs, 3D designs and augment reality features to enable you to superimpose your design into the garden.

Our expert designers are on hand to guide you through the log cabin design process. We know how to ensure you get the best bespoke cabin designs. Custom sizing, layouts, roofing types, and additional features like porches and verandas are all options. Whether you want a garden office or a spacious multi-room log cabin to live in, we can make it happen.

You have the freedom to select different options from flooring to paint colours. Our flexible approach ensures you get a design that fits your needs.

Flat roof log cabin with canopy
Bespoke Log Cabin with Gazebo

Unparalleled Quality and Attention to Detail

We design every log cabin to your needs, from the thickness of wood used to the placement of windows and doors. This meticulous approach results in structurally sound and visually impressive cabins tailored to your needs. Garden Affairs supplies self-assembly kits with full instructions or you can opt for assembly by our experienced teams.

Sustainably Sourced Premium Building Materials

We ensure our suppliers source their timber from managed forests. The timber is FSC and PEFC-certified, ensuring a sustainable choice. Using premium materials ensures the longevity of our buildings.

Pitched roof log cabins
Side by side Bespoke Log Cabins

Seamless Project Management and Installation

We coordinate everything from delivery to foundations and assembly. Our in-house assembly team handles the entire installation quickly and efficiently and to the highest standards. Thanks to our comprehensive services, you can enjoy a turnkey log cabin installed with the minimum disruption.

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Exceptional Customer Service and Support

Customer satisfaction is paramount. From your first enquiry to after-sales support, you will enjoy outstanding service from our log cabin specialists. We provide expert advice to guide you through the design process, so you get your dream cabin.

Our professional in-house installation teams keep disruption to a minimum. Should any issues arise after completion, you can rely on Garden Affairs' aftercare service. Our commitment to providing the best customer experience is second to none.

Flat roof log cabin with shed
Log Cabin with Shed

Cost-Effective Log Cabin Solutions

Despite our premium build quality and custom options, we offer very competitive log cabin prices. Whether you have a set budget in mind or money is no object, We aim to deliver exceptional value for money. Our cabins are an affordable investment that will add value to your home.

Garden Affairs supplies cabins as storage sheds through to two-story log cabin houses and just about everything in between. Some frequently asked log cabin questions.

Are bespoke log cabins more expensive than a standard?

Our manufacturing processes mean It doesn’t cost any more to have a bespoke log cabin made than a standard design.

cabin with porch
Bespoke Log Cabin with Veranda

What does a bespoke log cabin cost?

We provide a full breakdown of the costs, including assembly, groundwork, electrics and optional extras like alternative flooring and sedum roofs. We will produce a comprehensive quote based on your specific design.

Do custom designed log cabins take longer to deliver?

All our bespoke log cabins are made to order. For lead times, call 01225 774566 or contact the Garden Affairs team.

What wall thickness timber should I choose for my log cabin?

This depends on the size of the building you want and how you want to use it. Wall thickness varies from 44mm to 112mm, and we will always advise the thickness that best suits your intended use.

painted log cabin
8m x 3.5m Pitched Roof Log Cabin

How easy is it to install a bespoke log cabin?

With very few tools and experience required, the log cabin is a relatively easy installation for a competent DIYer. Our buildings come with detailed plans so you can identify where every piece of timber should fit and in which order. Large log cabins may have heavier lengths of timber that will require several people to lift and fit.

With over 20 years of experience, Garden Affairs has the resources and manpower to assemble any size log cabin.

Can you buy Bespoke log cabins pre-painted?

Log cabins can be pre-stained with a clear or coloured preservative. The doors and windows are available pre-painted in a wide range of RAL colours.

What shapes can a log cabin be?

Our Log cabins can be made in Square, rectangular, T-shaped, L-shape, and U-shape to name a few. The walls join at corners with 90-degree joints, so anything is possible except irregular shapes with acute or obtuse angles.

L shape log cabin
Bespoke L-Shape Log Cabin

What roof options are available for bespoke log cabins?

The most common roof shapes for log cabins are apex or flat. We can also make them with Hipped, pent, asymmetric or Pyramid roofs. 

As standard we offer felt shingles for apex roofs and EPDM rubber for flat roofs. Other options include artificial slate, Cedar shingles, and metal or for flat roofs why not consider a sedum living roof or an artificial grass roof?

For the best craftsmanship, customisation, sustainable build materials, turnkey installation, outstanding service and affordable pricing, Garden Affairs is the ideal choice for luxury bespoke log cabins. Our expertise in custom designs, commitment to excellence, and made-to-order approach ensure a log cabin perfected to your specifications. For a custom log cabin tailored to you, look no further than Garden Affairs.

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