Bespoke garages on a budget

custom made timber garage

If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your vehicles against the elements, why not consider a timber garage?

Keep your car dry, and safe from theft, vandalism and accidental damage, for a fraction of the price of a traditional brick building. Having your car safely locked up indoors could also reduce your car insurance premiums.

Quick and easy to install, a Garden Affairs timber garage will give you the bonus of extra storage space and add a stylish addition to your house frontage.

Protect your vehicle from the elements

We’re all feeling the cold this winter, especially during the morning dash to turn on the car engine and defrost before the morning commute. What a pleasure on a sub-zero frosty morning to be able to open the garage door to a vehicle that’s ready to drive without any of the pain of scraping, de-icing and de-misting.

Most modern cars can cope with living outdoors, but keeping them under cover all year round is undoubtedly better for their long-term health. Constant exposure to rain, frost, sleet, hail and snow, as well as extremes of hot and cold temperatures, can take its toll on your vehicle. Much safer to keep it indoors.

And a classic or vintage car that only gets a run out on special occasions definitely appreciates a roof over its head. Now could be the time to trade in the tarpaulin for timber and invest in one of our timber garages, particularly with conventional garages and building extensions costing so much.

Bespoke Timber Garage

The benefits of timber

Great for all-year-round weather, solid timber garages are an eco-friendly solution to keep your car dry and secure. The breathable tongue and groove timber walls help reduce the build-up of condensation, by providing a natural layer of insulation. And they look amazing!

For the environmentally minded, timber is a great material to use because it’s a carbon sink: it captures carbon from the atmosphere and stores it until the wood decomposes or is burnt. So by investing in a timber garage, you’re not just protecting your vehicles, you’re protecting the planet too. All our timber is grown in sustainably managed forests, which means nothing is harvested until adequate replanting has taken place.

So a timber garage with multi-point locking doors and frosted glass windows provides the same security and protection as a traditional garage, at a lower cost to your pocket and the planet.

Bespoke Timber Carport

Custom-made every time, with a budget in mind

We know every house is different, so every garage we make is completely custom-made and bespoke to your space. And in our case, bespoke doesn’t mean expensive.

We have an expert team of advisers, designers and carpenters, who will work with you to create a design to suit your space and budget and provide the protection your vehicle needs.

We’ll help you create your very own bespoke timber garage or carport. You can decide on:

  • The size and height of your garage, to accommodate the number and size of vehicles.
  • Any additional storage requirements.
  • The colour of your garage.
  • Style and size of windows, roof & doors.
Bespoke Timber Garage

A chance to gain some much-needed space

Because they’re so flexible in their design and build, you really can turn your Garden Affairs wooden garage into a space of your own.

Here are some ways to create a stylish, multi-purpose building that will get you even more from your investment than just a shelter for your vehicles:

  • Use partitioning to create space for a home office or studio at the back of the garage.
  • Add shelving to make use of the internal wall space.
  • Add a canopy for a sheltered outside space/log store.
  • Combine open-walled carport and enclosed garage(s) for multi-purpose vehicle shelter.
  • Add decking for an additional outdoor seating area.

Talk to the experts for a free design and quote

We’ll always provide the best price, first time. Our team of friendly sales advisers will help you create the ideal design for your space. Pop into our Trowbridge show site, or view our timber garage page.

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